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Man of the Match - Exeter (A)

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Difficult night!

  1. Who is your MOTM for Exeter (A)?70 votes
    1. Did not see/Abstain
    2. Dickinson
    3. Grimmer
    4. Forino
    5. Mawson
    6. Jacobson
    7. Scowen
    8. Wing
    9. Horgan
    10. Mehmeti
    11. McLeary
    12. Wheeler
    13. Freeman (sub)
    14. Al-Hamadi (sub)
    15. Mellor (sub)


  • Well this is the easiest motm for years.

    Alfie Mawson outstanding.

  • I went for top scorer Wheeler. Defence have been poor today which perplexes me even with Taff out.

  • The only player to come out of this shambles of a game with any real credit was Alfie Mawson so he gets my vote

  • Alfie almost, but went for Nick Freeman who made something happen every time he got the ball. What the fuck does he have to do to get a start, would have been better starting that match than several who did.

  • Alfie for me, showed some class touches and also long balls, he is an amazing signing, genuinly if we get the injured players back and add a commanding GK then we are a match for any team and would be most defo a top 3/4 side.

  • At the very least, Freeman surely must come in for Wing on Saturday, who did absolutely nothing of note.

  • Al Hamadi for me - because he showed what we'd been missing without a striker on the pitch within seconds of coming on - even if none of his other touches quite matched the first one.

  • Indeed. Even Horgan who had a shocker tonight, or Grimmer who didn’t find a blue shirt all night, or JJ, or Anis. Nick was on for about 15 minutes and produced more than any of them.

  • That’s tricky tonight for all of Alfie Mawson’s cross field passing, outstanding as it was we were very poor defensively. Repeated failure to deal with set pieces has got to be a defensive unit failing. Good cameo from Nick Freeman but not enough time to really influence the game unfortunately. GMac was always a willing runner and carrier of the ball and put some decent balls in and for that following his 90 mins in the blistering heat on Saturday he gets my vote

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    Fun fact: Nick Freeman ranks 4th in MOTM votes for the season so far (23 votes) despite only appearing in cameos as a sub.

    Not so fun fact: Jacobson, Obita and Forino have started a combined 7 games without garnering a single vote between them.

    Unsurprising fact: Josh Scowen leads the way for the season (43 votes), though without winning a MOTM award yet. 2nd-5th? Mehmeti, Horgan, Freeman, McLeary.

  • "Not so fun fact: Jacobson, Obita and Forino have started a combined 7 games without garnering a single vote between them."

    That does rather tell a tale doesn't it?

  • It’s Mawson but nobody is getting a glowing review after that.

  • Looks like Alfie will win MOTM in his first start since the return!

  • I think Scowen should get some more credit. He seemed to at times be trying to show enough guts and energy to make up for the lack from the rest of the team. Even got a chance from getting his head on the end of a cross which he had no right to win. McCleary did okay too, always a threat on the ball even when he didn't have much support. Mawson did some great long passes but it sounds like it was just me that thought he might need a bit more time (and a more confident keeper behind him) to be back to his best.

  • Mawson, McCleary, Scowen top three seems fair to me.

  • Would be interested to find out if he can do it regularly or would fall into the same routines as some of the others but he's earned a chance and there's only one way to find out. I'd prefer him out wide left rather than centre mid or wingback.

  • Nick Freeman played wide left (essentially wingback) when he came on against Shrewsbury but found himself in a rather congested left hand side as Mehmeti, in particular, stayed put when it might have made more sense (and been more of a threat) if he’d moved inside. I was disappointed with Lewis Wing’s performance yesterday. He’s clearly not yet up to speed after an injury-troubled pre-season and Nick would be the obvious replacement.

    Twenty minutes in last night, I mischievously enquired whether Mehmeti was playing as I don’t think he’d had a single touch, although that was partly because we seemed intent on playing down the right. Getting Mehmeti involved down the left would have been a double edged sword - putting their right back and central defender under pressure and nullifying to some extent their own threat on our left.

    Great as it was to see Alfie back, he must take some responsibility, as a former Premier League skipper (at Swansea), for the shambolic defending of corners. I’m not disposed to giving 20 minute (whatever) subs MoM ratings so my vote goes to the ubiquitous Josh Scowen.

  • Mehmeti gave the ball away a few times to be fair and Mawson slotted into a dreadful and overrun defence he'd barely met, Taff would have been pushing people around and organising, Mawson will do the same given time.

  • Three quarters of our problems are spinal currently. Our sacrum, lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae are all injured, bulging, or need surgery. Only our thoracic vertebrae, also known as Josh Scowen, is holding up.

    And yes, I had to google all that lingo.

  • I resemble that comment.

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