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Choice of kit for Bolton away

Sensing, maybe wrongly, a slippery slope here. I note we are wearing our all red change kit at Bolton today.

As far as I know the only piece of our kit that clashes with theirs is a shorts and that hasn’t been an issue when we played there on previous occasions.

please respect my delicate sensibilities by not using the following phrases in your replies

”away kit “

”marketing opportunity”

being grateful for small mercies at least it’s not the “wet sand” job


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    It would make sense to me to wear our home shirts with light blue shorts. But it's a marketing opportunity for the club to sell more away kits. Doh!

  • By using the forbidden phrase “marketing opportunity “in your reply you win this weeks booby prize which is an executive seat when we play just up the M40.

    The seat is behind one goal but you have to bring your own ladder.

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    Should be wearing the quarters with light blue shorts, espc now we know we have them !

  • Wycombe have played Bolton 4 times in their history, winning all four games, wearing the quarters each time.

    Inexplicable decision.

  • Like the look of the kit at the start of the game - great shade of red - outstandingly bright. Didn’t like it at the end of the game. 😞

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    I like the kit fine. I just think we should do everything within our power to play in the quarters when we can, unless for unusual circumstances, such as the quirky fact that we have played in a different kit at home twice in three seasons. Both times for excellent causes - Blue Monday against Rochdale and Ukraine against Plymouth. Both games were won.

  • I'd love to see the evidence for the marketing argument. I doubt given our size that it makes much if any. It probably just goes to show what little influence the Trust has with the ownership as historically fans have preferred to wear the quarters rather than a "change" kit.

  • I agree I hope this is not the Thin end of the wedge and that the red kit is trotting out and every opportunity regardless of whether there’s a colour clash or not. Identity of clubs is very important particularly ours

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    Regardless of colours, and I do have sympathy for anyone it affects... but, we have quarters ! As far as I'm aware only Brizzle Rovers have quarters as well, or can people not see patterns either ?

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    I know very little about colour blindness but can light and dark blue quarters cause a colour clash with white ?

  • I doubt very much they wear it for publicity purposes. What's the target audience at Bolton away?

  • First away game of the season = wear the new away kit. That's all it will have been.

  • I’m a strong believer that we should be wearing our blue quarters at every given opportunity.

    In fact I’m going to say we would have beaten Bolton today had we worn them.

    It’s that important (to me).

  • I don’t think we would have won with the quarters. We looked disorganised and out of sorts. And that meant we could not score. A goal before half time and we might have got back into it.

  • Maybe if it was the quarters and a different formation. Even then Bolton looked a very good side.

  • We were so poor, I'm pleased we didn't wear the quarters and weren't instantly recognizable!

  • Re: kits. As people may have read on here, I went to see Aberdeen v Raith Rovers a couple of weeks ago to see Anthony Stewart playing for the Dons.

    I must admit to being disappointed that Aberdeen chose not to play in their usual all-red kit but played in white shirts & black shorts while Raith Rovers ditched their traditional navy blue for a pink kit. So neither side was playing in their proper kit. A real shame. In my opinion that does detract slightly from “enjoying the matchday experience to the full”.

  • Seems to make sense that playing (well) in a shirt is likely to see more sold. If only because people have seen it in use and know wether they like it, identify it with certain games. Not the only factor obviously.

  • still undefeated against The Trotters in The Quarters, someone knew something

  • We have to wear blue against Northampton on Tuesday. I’d imagine the quick turnaround had something to do with it.

  • We could wear wet sand

  • No please I never want to see the wet sand kit again ever

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