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Just got back from Accrington

I sense Ugwu t shirts to be printed in the near future


  • If he played like that last 35 mins once he came on, for 90 mins every week, Hayes and Thompson would score a hatfull, created so much room for the oap's. The Stanley defense went to pieces once Gozi started throwing himself about, they were arguing with each other and just did not know how to cope - the lad was a revelation, I get it...all together now 'Gozi Ugwu, Gozi Ugwu, Gozi Ugwu.......'

  • Ugwu playing for a contract next year?

  • Disrespectful?

    Ugwu playing for Wycombe.

  • Ugwu can never be faulted for his effort, just his quality.

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    I think the new lad coming in might have added a bit of competition and focus for him. He played well when he came on against Stevenage as well.

  • Man of the Match at Hartlepool.

  • How can my comment re Ugwu be disrespectful Chris. If you would care to look back on my posts in other threads you will see that I have been one of the few that have praised Ugwu and suggested he had potential.

    Surely everyone who is out of contract is going to be puttong in that extra effort. To be honest I generally find you an extremely pompous individual and no doubt you will delete or amend my post accordingly.

  • Looks like you're wrong about that as well as Ugwu then.

    It's disrespectful as it suggests he's only putting in the effort in order to earn his contract for next year. I disagree that anyone who is out of contract will be putting in extra effort; I would expect all players in a Wycombe shirt to be doing the best they can at all times. And I generally think that they do.

  • I like his little beard

  • Steven Craig seemed to me to be putting in extra effort in the last few months of his contract, but obviously I will bow to Chris's far superior assessment that no Wycombe player ever puts in extra effort towards the end of his contract.

    For the avoidance of doubt I would give Ugwu a new contract now.

  • Wouldn't you expect his performances to tail off then, seeing as he's only playing for his contract?

  • Chris, I am afraid your superior intellect has lost me there!

  • And I should have said 'everyone' rather than 'anyone'.

    Craig was playing rather well at the end of last year, although I don't see any reason why this should be related to the expiry of his contract rather than just the fact that form varies.

  • Best beard in the league, better than those ridiculous Edwardian ones, and no man bun. Sign him up.

  • Craig's last month seemed to blind everyone to the fact he'd been as mediocre as it gets for the rest of his time here.

    It seems, from a few sources that it was his off pitch influence that was his main strength

  • Ha it's actually quite simple.

    If he played well yesterday because he was playing for a new contract, and you then give him a contract, he no longer has a reason to play well, therefore his form will decline after he has been signed up for next year.

  • As well as it sounds he played yesterday, he's surely got a hell of a lot of work to do to get anywhere near a new contract surely.

    I forget if it's 1 goal or 2, but that 1 goal was basically a Bloomfield goal he just happened to touch

  • Sam Wood doesn't seem to be playing any better in search of a new deal, I suspect he knows his number is up.

  • Like @Chris I would like to think that any Wycombe player (certainly under GA) would give their all regardless of whether or not their contract was about to expire or, if on loan, they were looking to secure a permanent place but I fear human nature is such that this will not always be the case.

  • Rmjlondon, show some respect for Wood, he's played fantastically the last few seasons. You're also talking about a mans career as if it's nothing

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    If it is the same guy behind the "genius" of Richie Mayes, well, that says it all really!

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