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My kids all loved Fred but Aaron Tshibola just released from Kilmarnock could lighten the gloom

Fred always seemed to have a positive attitude and a smile that my younger kids loved to watch him for years now during his various times at the club. He improved so much in his defensive capabilities under Gaz this season tracking back etc. In the last few games he was skinning some seasoned Championship defenders too...

So too lighten my mood I looked now further than Uche's twitter feed...

Tshibola, just released, looks like a chap looking for a home club with a family attitude to settle and seems cut in the mould we love. Hasn't reached early potential and on a free.

His twitter feed shows a young man with a strong moral compass too and I feel he would fit in with the Wycombe ethos.

He gets really stuck into Celtic halfway through the video below...

Kilmarnock sorry to see him go, much like us with Fred and thanking him after their relegation from Scottish Premiership


  • Looks a class player.. maybe to good for league 1?

  • Wow, that weight of pass! I wonder how many of those he plays per game - these showreels can be very deceptive.

  • I reckon he’d be well below Tristan Nydam on our target list.

  • @micra said:
    I reckon he’d be well below Tristan Nydam on our target list.

    Nydam a few years ago was a hot EFL prospect. Injury ruined it for him though. Lets see what happens though, we still have a long way to go in the transfer market...

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