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Knight, Adeniran or Muskwe?

Apologies to the former players thread, but I thought I would create a spin off thread based on some of the speculation.

My question is: if you could only have one of Knight, Adeniran or Muskwe for next season, everything else (pay, etc.) being equal, who do you take?

Knight would have been the obvious answer for me much of the season, but the other two were majestic at the end. I feel as though our creative need is the greatest, and I would actually go with Muskwe as of today. He just seemed to make it all tick in the final third.



  • Muskwe for me too.
    Gives us a link between midfield and attack which in turn gives us more opportunity to play with different Plans.

  • Knight for me, as he adds quality in both defence and midfield. But I’d be delighted with any of them.

  • Muskwe for me. I get the feeling that given a good run of games together he and Uche could be the most potent attacking partnership we've had in years.

  • Dennis Adeniran all the way. Our massive upturn in form coincided with his return to the starting line up.

    Muskwe a close 2nd.

    We showed we are ok defensively without Knight but he was the star loanee last season. We were not brilliant in midfield without Adeniran.

  • Muskwe for me too. Knight probably has more natural ability than the other two, but we have Stewart, Taf and McCarthy (plus Grimmer in an emergency), who give us adequate cover in central defence for league 1, particularly in view of the 22 man squad limit.

    Muskwe gives us the option of more pace, mobility and strength up front than Kashket or Samuel.

  • I'd would go for Adeniran .His partnership with Thompson at the end of the season really made us tick. Hopefully we can get at least one of the three back for next season because they all had an impact.

  • Must be Muskwe. Proven goalscorer at U23 level. We need goals.

  • Knight is a very good player, but we have more than adequate cover for him. We actually didn't miss him at all when he wasn't in the team towards the end of the season.

    I really hope we can get Muskwe and Adeniran, but if just one I'd go with Muskwe. I think he has the potential to develop into a very exciting player.

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    Of course it's possible I'm reading too much into this, but... The other day the club posted on their Insta story 'How would you rate Admiral's loan spell?' - about a week after it had ended and not something they've done for any of the other loanees. Plus players were telling him they'd see him in pre-season etc, which I initially thought was jokingly, but now I'm not so sure. I'm watching this space πŸ‘€

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    In answer to the question, though, Dennis, as we'd lacked a proper box-to-box midfielder since O'Nien left and that role is crucial to the new system working.

  • Arguably, Dom Gape is a box to boxer.

  • Knight all day :smile: He was great in two positions and if by any chance we could sign him we'd probably sell him for a decent profit within the next two windows. Adeniran and Muskwe are both decent prospects but Knight is playing at a higher level and has consistently for a couple of years now.

  • Oh, if money and all that were no object, I'd take Knight all day long, but I fear he's going to end up Somewhere Else :(

  • Knight, no explanations, but it's very tough choosing between the 3 !

  • Muskwe for me. He will rip up division 1 and we have not had a pair of strikers capable of scoring 15-20 goals in a season for …… ?
    Denis would certainly be a welcome addition too but Gape and Thompson are a great pairing. Sadly we were really unlucky to rarely have them both fit last season.
    Knight probably the best player out the 3 but no way would he sign for us and as he seems set for Alan Swan’s mob I shall pretend NBTWAG

  • My vote is for Knight, but I think he will stay in the championship possibly at Peterborough but I think he has impressed enough any number of clubs to come in for him. Either of the other two would be great too with Muskie ( my nickname for him ) edging it but no slight to Adeniran I would love him to return as well

  • Admiral for me. The chance to create a fearsome front two with Uche. Then Dennis. Josh, as said, we can live without, brilliant though he is.

  • Muskwe for me i would love to see him against League 1 defenders he'd score loads of goals.

  • If we signed Dennis and Admiral I would be delighted. With these two and the current signed players we would be a force to be reckoned with.
    I still think many teams would under estimate us though.

  • Knight had the best season but he's the one I think we have the quality in place to match.

    We're definitely light up front if we intend on playing 2 up regularly.
    And we're also a bit light in centre mid unless we think Thompson and Gape can put in 40starts each next season.

  • The system won't work with Thompson and Gape; you need one or the other alongside a ball carrier to avoid overburdening the wing-backs in terms of getting the ball forward. That's assuming we continue to evolve into a very slightly more possession-based team.

  • Wouldn't surprise me at all if we sign Muskwe. Out of contract, did well in the Champ but probably not well enough for another team up there to sign him.

    I also wonder if GA might try and go for Smyth again. I know we have squad limitations, but you got the feeling he really liked trying to mould the best version of a winger out of him.

  • I could certaintly see a high attraction for Muskwe.

    He's know he'd have a great chance of being a regular, with a team he's well in with, in a season where we could well be one of the better teams in the league.
    For a team set-up with the intention of getting back up to the championship.

    You never know if another team have monitored him and are offering double though.

  • The way I look at it is even if we don’t get any of these three, I am sure Gareth and Dobbo will acquire another two or three good loan signings to add to our squad.
    At the start of last season very few of us had heard of Adeniran or Admiral but look how they fitted in. So I am confident that now Gareth and Dobbo have a real understanding of what we need for the task ahead that they will get he men we need.

  • If we can only sign 1, and I'm hoping that's not an actual limitation, then for me it would be Muskwe.
    Much as I like the other two, and would have them both back if we could, it is the partnership between Muskwe and Uche up front that I'd most like to see growing next year.

  • Muskwe gets my vote. We always need goals and I have no doubt in my mind that he will score a load in league 1

  • If not Muskwe we must sign a central target man striker. Uche is not that an had would be more dangerous playing slightly wider. Admiral can play that central role with Bayo as a back up.

  • Not sure Muskwe is any more a target man than Uche.

  • But, as I’ve said already, he’d be my choice if we could have only one of those three. Adeniran next.

  • Yes it is quite a bizarre opinion that Muskwe is a target man and Uche isn't.

    Uche isn't the long ball target man, but he's still someone you play it into and he holds and draws fouls etc. I couldn't see him working out wide as such.

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