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    @Wendoverman said:
    Sometimes I think Wheeler would actually make a great front man...pacey, good in the air, etc etc has he ever played there in the past?

    Pacey is a bit of a stretch. I think "mobile" is a better term.

    Aerial wise for a wide attacker, he's pretty good, but as I think maybe Big Phil pointed out on his commentary when Wheeler was used centrally, it's a big difference beating full backs in the air, to beating big monster centre backs there.

  • Did he play upfront away at Norwich?

  • @chairboyscentral The move to Substack is a smart idea I think Tom. Just read your Anis Mirabilis piece and enjoyed it immensely. You have to wonder what the hell Norwich were thinking letting him go.

  • @Wendoverman said:

    @EwanHoosaami said:

    @Wendoverman said:
    Sometimes I think Wheeler would actually make a great front man...pacey, good in the air, etc etc has he ever played there in the past?

    Think we tried him as a centre forward in the earlier part of the season? If I am correct, it was a dismal failure!

    I stand corrected. I did not remember that. But there's quite a lot about the first half of the season that seems to have already been wiped from my memory!

    Believe me @Wendoverman It was an experiment that didn't last long.

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    Excellent read @chairboyscentral ...despite me being afraid of maths.

  • Interesting article as there's been very little written about him yet, would love to know if he was spotted by Ainsworth or a teammate or put himself forward, and what Norwich thought of him. They will have had many players and come down with a solid mission to chop the wage bill so it's not too surprising that they let him go if he wasn't ready to play in their minds. Interesting if he didn't go out on loan or nobody else came in for him. Factors such as attitude and his studies and other prospects might also be involved.

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    Sorry, keep forgetting about this. Latest piece here - an initial look at the summer transfer window (mainly the parameters we'll have to work within).

    @drcongo Yes, it's a lot more streamlined - plus I went back into WordPress to cancel my package yesterday and I don't know what they've done to the CMS, but it's horrible. I made the right decision, it seems!

    And thanks! Hopefully we get news of a new deal soon (according to Transfermarkt he's already signed a one-year extension, but best to wait as they can be hit and miss).

    @Wendoverman Cheers! I'm also terrified of maths and wonder what I'm doing half the time, but Excel has my back.

    And yes, new username as I couldn't work out how to change it. Had to give my favourite player from my early Wycombe-watching years some love.

    Hope everyone's well and I'll probably be more active on here over the summer now things seem to have calmed down a bit.

  • Good piece Tom and thanks for the very clear explanation of the squad size limits

    I quite like WP but use it for websites that are generally a bit more static, other than the merchandise pages, than your more blog style output. Glad that you found an alternative in substack that works for you.

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