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EFL Squad Cap

Can't say I disagree. I think the PFA have a good point and if squad sizes are capped, doesn't that also mean it would be harder for players in League One and Two, especially, to find clubs?


  • The way the EFL is constituted, they have no power to do anything unless it has been agreed by a majority of the clubs first, so therefore over 50% of the EFLs 78 members must have approved this at some point...

  • They brought that dreadful rule in where top youngsters can be poached for buttons, meaning many clubs like us can't afford a proper youth system anymore, and then they try and limit squads so you're forced to have youngsters to beef the seniors up.

    They're absolute donuts.

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  • I love donuts @Malone.

  • Donuts Malone is a great name for a petty gangster.

  • Spats Malone & The Donuts.

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