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Match day thread: Rotherham



  • I wish Coventry had not won, but this is such a positive end to the season either way.

  • A joyous afternoon soured only by the direction of the wind and sun πŸ˜‰

  • Fantastic result and a decent performance

    The dream lives on


  • A game that had all the hallmarks of a damp squib. Within the first 30 seconds I thought it was going to be a long afternoon but what a joy it turned out to be.
    Plenty of individual performances to call out. And praise for a player does not equal criticism of another. Fred seemed to smile all the way through. Denis was tireless. Curtis did ugly all day long. Stockdale just seems like a guy having fun in goal and doing a damn good job at the same time.
    Oh to beat Luton

  • Excellent result and decent performance. Stockdale should have played more games.

  • With Bayo and probably Blooms not being around next season (at least as players), I think we need to promote Stockdale to General status.

  • Perfect away performance really. Soaked up a fair bit of pressure, defended resolutely and then took our chances when they came.

  • Happy Easter all! Great spirit and a great result today, however desperate the situation seems. Stockdale looked like he was having a ball out there, big smile on his face throughout and some important stops. Thompson was up and down, giving stuff away one minute and mopping up defensively the next. Not sure the first goal would have survived VAR but what a start. Pleased for McCarthy as well...similar to the one he scored when he first came back on loan or am I dreaming? Knight, Grimmer and JJ (then Stewart) were all good at the back. I must admit once we were 2-0 up I thought it was a good idea to sub Mehmeti for someone more suited to the aerial dual and Wheeler's goal was a fantastic finish. Not sure Ikpeazu is really the aerial target that Bayo is but he kept their defence busy. If we can beat unarguably the best team in the league (c N.Jones) next week...we may be able to start dreaming. Rotherham have got some hard games in I am not convinced they will be able to translate them all to points. Still in our hands. What's the weather supposed to be like next week @micra ?

  • Also more good news , caretaker manager at Preston followed up his draw with Norwich, with an away win at Swansea. Long may it continue and they offer him the job.!!

  • Direction of wind at a macro level doesn’t necessarily translate to direction of wind at a micro level, especially in areas with large high sided buildings like a football stadium. Anyone who has walked past Bridgewater Place Tower in Leeds could tell you that.

  • @Malone said:
    Is it me, or was that last Rotherham corner placed at least a ball's width outside the corner semi circle?!

    Yep, I noticed that.

  • Just watched Paul Warne on iFollow as it’s been showing the interviews for Quest. Not one mention of knowing what you’re going to get - very complimentary about Wycombe.

  • Didn't Jack Grimmer play well today?

    My man of the match, for what it's worth. They all played well though. Lovely scenes

  • As soon as Sheff Wed kicked off, we dropped back to the bottom of the β€œas it stands” table.

  • You've got to be worried if you're a Rotherham fan haven't you? All those games in a hurry is bad news with no momentum.

  • Very entertaining reading through the match day comments.

    Micra's weather chat reminded me of when Tory Goon used to bang on about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Tremendous stuff

  • edited April 5

    You're right there @eric_plant. He was top class today.

    Jack Grimmer I meant - no idea about Tory Goon...

  • Wednesday 3 up already.

  • Top marks to the team and GA today. Despite the 2 goal lead, Rotherham were dominating us in the air and with the chances they were having in the 1st half, it was possibly only a matter of time before they got back in it. Whilst Stewart for JJ was a forced sub, bringing on Wheeler for Mehmeti was the right move and gave us much more control.

    As direct as it was, that 3rd goal was wonderful. What a 1st touch touch by Wheeler and a good finish. One of the moments of the season for me!

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    Wednesday 3 up already.

    Ffs ! They are as well

  • @eric_plant said:
    Didn't Jack Grimmer play well today?

    My man of the match, for what it's worth. They all played well though. Lovely scenes

    Indeed. He was superb, and one of his goal saving interventions was quite incredible. I had to rewind it and watch it again.

  • Perfect away performance. Thought the whole team plus subs were excellent.

    Stockdale probably MOM, Stewart made a massive difference second half managing the aerial bombardment we took first half.

    We look at a lot more sure of ourselves at this level now. Possibly too late, but like Gaz keeps saying everyone will keep fighting till the last whistle.

    Muskwe goal was premier league class, even vardyesq- must have been watching him in training with the run and finish.

    People keep writing Bayo off saying it’s his last season. I beg to differ, excellent 15 minute cameo. We needed his leadership firstly, brilliant assist for Wheelers goal (excellent sub, tactically by the way) and he offers so much defensively at set plays it’s ridiculous.

    If he wants to continue, not sure why we wouldn’t sign him for a further 12 months. Still offers a great deal on the pitch, leader in the dressing room and the marketing aspect for the club.

    Luton and Swansea will be interesting, all we can do is keeping winning and see what happens.


  • Stop going on about the damn weather, it’s Yorkshire ,we have to live with it everyday

  • Stockdale MoM for me, he has made a difference since he came in. That loan at Stevenage seemed to help him find his form

  • Bloody hell Cardiff are woeful, 5 down already and still 20 plus minutes to play

  • The sun has been in their eyes both halves

  • Annoyingly I've had to miss both today's and Friday's matches because of work.

    Just wanted to point out that all the things I've been pleading for seem to now be happening. Stockdale instead of Allsop. Wheeler instead of Mehmeti. Bayo on for 10 minute cameos. And five across the pitch.

    Football managing. Easy, eh?

    πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž ( -13 )
  • Sadly I think we may need to win every match now. Coventry have 42 after 39 games, and just need two wins from 7 to push on to 48. Birmingham on 41 from 39 with the Lee Bowyer bounce. Above them, only Huddersfield are perhaps a candidate for going on a really bad run from their 43 points, but they have only played 38. I just find it hard to think any of those will get less than 48-49 points, and the maximum we can get is 51.

    We may need to get to the mid-40s and someone get a points deduction to stay up. All we can do is keep winning and hope for the best! So proud of this team either way.

  • @aloysius Funny I've not noticed us playing 4-5-1

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