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Match day thread: QPR



  • Thank goodness this isn’t on TV.

  • Sums up the season really. Worked hard but not quite good enough, faded in the second half.

  • Getting sick of Uche's diving. It's getting embarassing.

  • Uche is so much better with the ball at his feet than trying to win it in the air.

  • Mehmeti a stand out first 60 minutes.

    Not a decent cross the whole game from any player in yellow.

    Horgan played a classic Horgan game. Tons of effort. Good positions. No end product.

    Undone by a shit goal.

    Copy and paste this Saturday

  • I assume the constant diving is because hoping for penalties is the only way we're scoring between now and August.

  • That was hard to listen too, another disappointing game. When will we celebrate a goal. How much longer do we continue with this. Its embarrassing

  • Pathetic second half. Clueless. Cecil is right - I do want to throw something at the TV and get my tenner back .....

  • Said it before but will say it again: ref’s been great. Bought no nonsense from anyone.

    Agree about Uche, @Shev. I guess you want your cf to be a bit selfish but there’s a limit somewhere.

    As yet another free kick is wasted. And the final whistle goes. Disappointing. So little quality notwithstanding a phenomenal amount of running and effort. Very well summarised at the end on the coverage, I thought.

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  • Dan Simpson summed it up well when he referred to our lack of intelligence and composure in the final third.

  • Not much intelligence at the back either judging by the goal and massive gaps emerging on the left

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  • 5 “successful” crosses out of 26 says it all!

  • QPR looked as bad a team as we've played this season bar a couple of star players. Still couldn't score against them though.

  • Night all.

  • “All” being about half a dozen Gasroomers.

  • I find it strange that we play arguably our best XI in the last three/four games, three of which were against the top 5.
    Then we get a potentially winnable game and completely change the line up. Knight has been brilliant in midfield, Stewart has done well and Uche is a threat. Not sure why we changed all of that after playing reasonably well against much better opponents, I assume injuries or tiredness to Wheeler, Stewart and Uche.
    We need to work on our crosses, lots of good positions but either float it in or over hit it.
    Mehmeti was excellent and I thought Gape and Thommo did ok in the middle.
    We just didn’t look a huge threat going forwards.
    Fingers crossed for a change on Saturday and some points!

  • @micra said:
    Dan Simpson summed it up well when he referred to our lack of intelligence and composure in the final third.

    Dan Simpson is clueless. I heard he’s a good friend of Micheal Owen. Jarring af. Hence my sarcastic comment...

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  • I thought the commentary was fine tonight. Both chaps were reasonable and articulate.

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  • We absolutely don’t look like scoring. We look absolutely clueless in the final third.

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  • This reminds me of the start of the season now, when scoring a goal was the "walk before you can run" first step.

  • It's games like tonight that sum up why we'll go down.

    Very little created against an uninspiring and workmanlike side - I'm sure they still cost way more as a squad than ours, but QPR showed little to make me think they were clearly a cut above.

    Not sure what the line-up was aiming at either. I don't blame GA for rotating the squad, and you can hardly say any line-up within our squad just picks itself.

    But this was one of our more potentially winnable remaining games (yeah yeah, it's all relative at this stage), and I don't think that was a potentially winning line-up.

    And the subs - too little, too late.

    Disappointing all round (yes, including the diving).

  • @mooneyman said:
    I still can't see why people rave about Horgan.

    I think it was one of those Aarons/Smyth situations, where we so wanted to believe we had a brilliant winger, people over praised his early season performances.

    I don't think he's been anywhere near what we thought we were getting, as in a pacey winger with real threat.

    Probably quite hard to perform in such a poor team being beaten most weeks, who barely have much of the ball though, so we'll see what happens next year.

  • @micra said:
    Thank goodness this isn’t on TV.

    Even worse this way as we've had to wad a tenner in for it!

  • That's possibly one of the most frustrating defeats out of the lot of them. QPR poor and absolutely there for the taking, yet time and time again we fluffed our many openings. The crossing was absolutely woeful tonight, I don't think I've ever seen it so poor from us. In fact the only player to put in good quality crosses tonight was Samuel. Perhaps a case for playing him in that wide position from time to time, he had a good game.

    To a certain extent, it wasn't a bad performance. Good football at times, plenty of possession and we got ourselves into numerous good positions. The lack of quality when we got there though was alarming.

    Agree with the poster above about Uche's diving. Dreadful! That opening at the end, he's held the ball up well, turned down the chance to tee up Mehmeti who was well placed on the edge of the box, turned and then threw himself to the floor. Utterly pointless and wasted a good opening. The ref by the way I thought was very good.

  • I don't blame GA. Our players are not good enough and he is out of ideas.

    What I fail to understand is that Rotherham - not a particularly good side - or not stretches above us, are giving it a better go than we are.


  • I don’t get rotation for the sake of rotation. Fair play if someone is injured but start your best 11 and sub tired legs off.
    Tonight seemed like we changed a chunk of the team for no reason. It’s March we are 3/4 of the way through the season if we are still trying to work out the best 11 and then tweak that then that’s probably the bigger issue.

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  • @Commoner said:
    I find it strange that we play arguably our best XI in the last three/four games, three of which were against the top 5.
    Then we get a potentially winnable game and completely change the line up.

    Injuries?'s a secret

  • edited March 9

    I somewhat disagree about the rotation complaints. I imagine there are some very tired legs among those who have played a lot recently, with no reward, and a lot of players keen to get game time. I thought tonight's line-up was capable of getting a win. It just didn't, for the familiar reasons enumerated above. In other words, it was the performance rather than the personnel.

  • Can't understand the criticism of Dan on commentary. I think he's been great both times he's been on

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  • He’s a bit too much of a try-hard .... bordering on Partridge. But streets ahead of that dismal ‘geez-a’ who did the Watford gig. Cecil was v good as always - maybe overcooked the sales pitch near the end. Having just waived close to £1k I’m not desperately ready for talk of next season whilst this one is ripe in the memory.

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