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The definitive ex-player news thread



  • He started the season well but injury and playing out of position didn't help. Thought one of his best games for us was away at Oxford where he caused plenty of nuisance coming on and playing virtually as a lone forward when we were down to ten men. Hope he can flourish at Stanley.

  • Can’t see him being kept at QPR come the end of this season, hopefully he finds a move for him at the right level. Bags of potential in him though.

  • Top player...loads of him as a winger?

  • Parker with the assist for a last minute Burton winner

  • You’re just rubbing it in there @NorsQuarters

  • Rolling in nettles would not really move my pain meter tonight, Dr. Apologies if my post increased yours.

    Taking the NF thread in small doses, noticed that Josh had made the assist and posted it. Not insinuating anything, just pleased for a recent ex-player and remembering that feeling of joy at a late winner.

    Our time will come. I can be happy for Josh as well as processing this afternoon's match at AP. Too soon perhaps.

  • Luke also grabbed a goal today as he equalised for the big boys Sunderland.

  • Strictly speaking not an ex player, but I believe Stockdale got MOM for Stevenage last night.

  • In the event we get relegated, I hope that once this is confirmed mathematically, we give Curtis Anderson a couple of games to see whether he has the ability to be the understudy to Allsop.

    With the squad being limited to 20 next season we could not realistically have 3 keepers in it.

  • Our squad would be 22 in Lg1 next season.
    Anderson would not count as one within that 22.
    Not sure whether Anderson's presence on the books would preclude us bringing in an emergency loan GK if no 1 got injured - all depends on whether his US club Charlotte are regarded as being a high enough level to count his appearances there.

  • Mawson sent off for Bristol City.

  • Paul Smyth scored for Acc Stanley v Doncaster

  • Tantalising but as I am not a subscriber...

  • Damn.... want to read it, but I'm not subscribing either

  • I'm guessing it did not end well.

  • Thought he had a cold?

  • I think he did. Convicted in July 2010 of a murder committed in 2004 and now serving a life sentence. 10 games for Wycombe between 2008 and 2010. 11 games for Bradford City in 2010. (Acknowledgement to Wikipedia.)

  • Whatever happened to seemingly quite happy not to play Stuart Green?

  • Sido sent off for Oldham for a second yellow. Leaves them with 10 men for 40+ minutes.

  • Sido Jombati sent off for Oldham after 2 yellows.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Whatever happened to seemingly quite happy not to play Stuart Green?

    He was Peter Taylors son in law I believe, played at Workington and Whitehaven after us.

  • Is Steven Taylor now playing in Guatemala?

  • @DevC said:
    Is Steven Taylor now playing in Guatemala?


  • Think it may be a reference to Steven Taylors massive keel over like he had been shot in a PL game for Newcastle?

  • It was - sorry if a bit tenuous but always makes me laugh. The Guatemalan one reminded of ST's. Here was Taylor's. Who do you think is the better actor!

  • Another clip of Taylor I hadnt seen before!

  • And finally his audition for lead singer for the Cold Blooded Hearts.

  • I couldn’t bear to listen to more than a couple of minutes but at least I know that his acting is superior to his singing.
    All fascinating stuff of course and the Gasroom was overdue for a bit of excitement but, for me, the clip from Countdown that followed the rollover clip made my day.

    I am an inveterate Countdowner but it does need livening up at times. That dry old stick, Nick Hewer, had a break recently and Colin Murray filled in absolutely brilliantly. I was hoping he would take over permanently when Hewer packs up in the Spring but it seems that Ann Robinson (a matter of months younger at 76) is the chosen one. My Countdown days may soon be over.

    Apologies for the derailment.

  • @micra they assume any Presenter under 55 will frighten it's core audience, raising the fear that other new fangled ideas might be inserted into a winning formula! :smiley:

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