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  • They are rarely happy are they? I'm more worried about the constant comments about the new dugouts obscuring the view from the Beechdean...but that could be my age.

  • Location of the first proper date with my wife (not one of the performers BTW), watching a band back in 1999. Sad times.

  • edited February 17

    Played a handful of gigs here in the mid 2000s. Was always lively when a punk band was in town, if a bit rough round the edges. Not really the type of place I'd go for a drink though.

    A bit of an institution, would be sad to see it go, especially only to be replaced by a bunch of characterless HMO flats.

    I think within the next 10 years it wouldn't be out of the question for most of that stretch of West Wycombe road, and the industrial sites on Hillbottom Road, to be all houses and flats. Might in the long run be a good thing for our attendances.

    Perhaps one day in the distant future, a new pub could open closer to the ground to service the new residents of Hillbottom Rd and away fans on match days.

  • Feel a little sorry for the owners of the new flats as coachloads of northerners turn up every so often look around bemused and pee in their bushes.
    @OxfordBlue new pubs are probably a bit of a stretch at the moment although somewhere other than the hour glass or the vere would be welcome.

  • I maybe stealing @micra's thunder here but there is no apostrophe in Adams, please.

  • @AlanCecil said:
    I maybe stealing @micra's thunder here but there is no apostrophe in Adams, please.

    Chas is never big on his spelling and punctuation, but in this example, I'm pretty certain that's a simple auto-correct job.

  • Someone evidently didn’t approve of you stealing my thunder @AlanCecil ! And, while I’m at it, I have to assume that your “I maybe... “ instead of “I may be .....” was also a simple autocorrect job.

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