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The best player you ever saw play



  • @Rolo said:
    I've seen Leo Messi, George Best and Steven Gerrard

    Although, when I saw Messi, the show was stolen by Kaka.

  • I was lucky enough to see Johan Cruyff in Chelsea v New York Cosmos in 1978, Gazza at AP, Messi and Ronaldinho at Camp Nou, Colin Bell & Beckham at Wembley and Horseman, Maskell, Ashford and Dave Collier at Loakes Park each time I thought they were the best I had seen at that point. So far the best player I have seen is Lionel Messi.

  • Best Iโ€™ve seen at AP probably Henrik Larsson - forget that it was a testimonial the guyโ€™s technique was unreal. In a competitive game I remember Defoe ripping us to shreds as a youngster at Bournemouth. For Wycombe probably Ruby Currie who was phenomenally gifted. On a bigger stage I remember watching Aaron Robben against Arsenal - fabulous close control and cut inside time and time again on poor Nacho Monreal! Toni Kroos also surprised me with his calm presence all over the middle of the park. Like a young John Cornforth!

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