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Wycombe Sound's The Wycombe Wanderers Show

Apologies for plugging something I'm involved in but I thought you'd like to know that on the show last night we had interviews with Terry Evans and Martin O'Neill.

You can listen again to the show here.


  • “Get warmed up, you’re coming off...”

    Classic St Martin.

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  • Thanks for posting @WycSo_Bob

    That was a good listen!

  • @LeedsBlue said:
    “Get warmed up, you’re coming off...”

    Classic St Martin.

    In this interview he said it about John Hartson, originally he said it about Trevor Aylott. One of the best quips ever.

  • Great listen, thank you!

  • On tonight's show we go right back to the 1940's and interview 91 year old former Chairboy Dick Tunmer, Gareth tells us just how serious his back problem was and Alex Samuel on what he's been up to during the International break. Tune in across Wycombe on 106.6FM or online at

  • Enjoying the weekly podcast with a great breadth of guests from all era's

  • Pete Couhig spoke to us ahead of tonight's show and said that 1,000 fans will be allowed back in for Wednesday's game with Stoke!

    He also talks of the Thanksgiving lunch he and the team had today. We'll also speak to Keith Scott, Gareth, Dominic Gape and Jack Grimmer. Listen in from 7pm tonight on 106.6FM, online at or you can find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts, Amazon music, Radioplayer and YouTube.

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