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Phillips joins Aldershot on loan



  • I > @Croider said:

    Not sure how much 'valuable game time' Anderson will be getting with Walton Casuals. Southern League currently suspended due to lockdown and who knows when they'll be up and running again.

    True, but he will still get more games than he would by staying at Wycombe.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub Darius' last game was Luton, not Blackburn. He had a much better game, but that moment where he got skinned by Harry Cornick on the touchline was a bit ominous.

  • It didn't help that Charles' games were at a time we had a very weak midfield in front of him, and we were still very much adapting to the league as well.

    Hopefully if he gets back in it'll be a different scenario, with the Thompson-Adeniran axis having been strengthened with Gape being in there too.

  • I think the big problem is he's not a one-on-one defender - and he'd have been faced with a lot more of those scenarios this season. Recovery speed also becomes more important at this level, and while he's clearly quicker than El-Abd was and that helped us big time in League One, the Championship is a different world. He was being targeted in the games he played early this season, which seemed to throw him off a bit and leave Jacobson exposed.

  • I think I'm one of many who presumed he was quicker than he was because he had the great ability to read the play.
    But that's gone out the window rapidly.

    However, you made a good point about how rotating your centre backs isn't a great place to be anyway, and we'd have had to regularly do it this season with the mass of midweekers.

    The truth is that the team is always bigger than one player, so while it's a shame one of last season's heroes has to be marginalised for a while at least, it happens in football, and has to so you keep on moving forward.

  • Had an email from a Shots fan today to say 'hope Wycombe don’t want Giles-Phillips back any time soon, he had a good game on Saturday and think we’re going to need him to cover our 2 injuries for the next few months!'

  • Pleased he played well and has been well received

  • It'll do his confidence a pile of good.

  • I expect with his youth and talent he'll be popular with the Older Shots. (sorry!)

  • Loanee games tonight:

    Phillips 90 mins at CB for Aldershot, picked up a yellow card in a 0-0 draw at home to Maidenhead.

    Linton recorded an assist but Slough lost 3-1 at home to surprise package Hungerford, who are currently in 2nd place in Conference South. Former loanee Sam Togwell and Aaron, son of Martin, Kuhl also started for Slough.

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