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Annual Charity Prediction Competitions

As the season draws near, it is time to relaunch the annual charity competitions.

Normally myself and @railwaysteve run two separate competitions for your delectation. This year Steve's excellent attendance prediction competition cannot run from the season start because of the COVID restrictions on fan attendance (its not much fun predicting nil).

As we know the whole ethos of WWFC is team spirit and working together through difficult times. To this end we have teamed up this year to offer the following

I will be operating the usual score prediction competition. Steve is operating a scorer prediction.

You are free to enter one or other or better still both.

Entry cost is £10 to one or other competition or a special joint discounted fee of £15 for both. You are of course more than welcome to donate more if you wish.

You can donate the full £10 or £15 (or more) to EITHER of
1) Wycombe Homeless Connection
2) Wycombe Womens Aid
Or some combination of the two if you prefer. Please remember to tick the gift aid box if you are eligble - it raises more money for the charity at no cost to yourself.

Next post is rules just for the score prediction competition

Steve will be along in a bit with rules for the scorer prediction contest.

Predictions for one or both will be in the same thread weekly.

Just sign up below or in a match prediction thread confirming please that you have paid (we don't need to know to which one).

Any questions please ask.

If anyone has posting rights to the facebook page, could I ask you advertise these there. More money raised the better.


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    The score prediction competition will run similarly to last season with the odd difference explained below. Rules are as below.

    Rules look complicated but all you have to do is predict the WWFC match result each week. I’ll do the rest.

    1) The primary aim of the competition is to raise money for local charities A secondary aim is having a little fun.
    2) Links to charities are contained in opening post are minimum donations.
    Obviously if you wish to donate more, I am sure they will be very grateful. If you are eligible please tick the gift aid box to allow them to draw down more cash from government.
    3) To enter please just add your name below and confirm (paid) or just predict on the first or later match threads confirming (paid).
    4) Steve and I want this to be as inclusive as possible so if you wish to enter but genuinely cant afford to, that's fine. Just confirm (paid) below and drop me/Steve a PM message. I don't need to know why and promise not to reveal to anyone else. I just want to understand total raised. Of course you could just confirm (paid) and not do so and nobody will know but that would make you a bit of a c*nt IMHO.
    5) Minimum number of entrants is 20 or the competition will not run
    6) Not sure whether or not there is a prize this season (TBD). My guess is probably not.
    7) Competition runs for league and playoff games only.
    8) Each week I will ask for predictions for a forthcoming league fixture on this site. you can if you wish predict match results as far ahead as you wish (eg if you are to be away on holiday). Just post them in a thread. You can change predictions as often as you wish with a strict deadline of one minute before kickoff. Any predictions timed after kickoff will be ignored.
    9) Scoring will be as follows
    Predict home win correctly - 4pts -
    Predict away win correctly - 5pts -
    Predict 1-1 draw correctly - 6pts - (either your prediction or result must be 1-1)
    Predict any other draw correctly - 7pts - (both your prediction and actual score must not be 1-1)
    Bonus for getting score correct - 2pts -
    Bonus for correctly predicting a 2 goal margin - 2pts - both your prediction margin and actual score must be a 2 goal win to the team you predicted to win)
    Bonus for correctly predicting a 3 goal margin - 4pts -- see above)
    Difference between your prediction and actual result - -1pt (so if you predict a 2-1 home win and actual result is a 2-1 away - you lose two points)
    So if you predict a 1-0 home win and score is 3-1 you score 4pts for home win and -1 point for margin total 3pts
    If you predict a 3-1 win - score 4pts for home win, 2pt bonus for correct score plus 2pt bonus for getting 2 goal margin correct - total 8. If you had predicted a 2-0 win score 6pts.
    If you predict a 4-1 win, score 4pts for home win, and -1 point for margin - total 3pts
    If you predict a 1-3 away win, score -4 points for margin
    if you predict a 0-0 draw and the result is 2-2 - score 7pts
    if you predict a 0-0 draw and the result is 1-1 - score 6 pts
    correctly predict a 2-2 draw - score 9pts
    correctly predict a 1-1 draw - score 8 points

    hope that is clear. Just predict and don't worry, I'll work out scoring

    10) You may join league at zero at any time. Games played before you join do not count for “no predictions”
    Thereafter first five games in which no prediction is submitted score 0 points
    Next five score -2
    If ten no predictions are made, you are disqualified.
    (I had intended to operate a PPG system for those joining late but a Mr D MacAnthony from the Peterborough area has threatened to sue my arse off if I do. )

    11) The winner is determined as follows
    a) Most points at end of season
    b) if level most correct scores
    c) if level most correct results
    d) if level most Wycombe wins predicted accurately
    e) some other method dreamed up at time.
    12) I reserve the right to change any rules I don't think are working/introduce new ones. Especially if I am losing yet again.......

    Any other questions please ask.....

  • Do you think you could explain it in a little more detail?

  • I believe much the same algorithm was initially used to calculate this year's GCSE and A level exam results, although clause 11e) was eventually used to determine outcomes.

    Excellent work as always @DevC, can't wait to start predicting ...

    I've paid, a contribution to both charities.

  • Thanks for your feedback @StrongestTeam . You would be very welcome playing along this year if you wish and I am sure one or other of the charities would appreciate your contribution.

    Welcome and thanks @Twizz

  • First - a thanks to @DevC - I couldn't do this without you.

    I have a Goalscorer Prediction Competition to run alongside the Score Prediction Competition.

    I am happy to put some examples up of how the Goalscorer competition would score, but all we need in the prediction post is the score and who is going to score our goals - ie Wycombe 1 - Rotherham 0 (Akinfenwa) or Wycombe 3 - Rotherham 2 (Kashket (2) and Ikpeazu)


    The Scorer Prediction Competition will run for the entire 2020 / 21 in harmony with the Score Prediction Competition. The winner will be the person who, at the end of the season, has been best at predicting which of our Chairboys will score the goals which will keep us in the Championship / see us promoted to the Premiership or otherwise.

    There will be a points system and a league table which will be updated after each game.

    Those entering the competition will predict the goalscorers for each League game - home and away.

    It is possible to enter the Goalscorer Prediction competition without entering the Score Prediction competition, but if you do enter both competitions then the prediction for total number of goals scorers need to match the number of goals for Wycombe in the Score Prediction Competition.

    Both are charity competitions - we are asking for a standard donation of £10 to enter one of them, and a £15 donation to enter both.

    The links are as posted in @DevC's thread starting post:

    Wycombe Homeless Connection

    2) Wycombe Womens Aid

    Anyone who has hardship reasons for not being able to make a donation can still play - post one of us a PM message and then post below that you have paid.

    Scoring System

    Points for a correct prediction

    1 point - Wycombe not to score
    5 points - Goalscorer (forward on club website)
    7 points - Goalscorer (not a forward on club website)
    10 points - Opposition Own Goal

    Star Player bonuses (in addition to goalscorer points above)

    +3 points - Players first goal of the season
    +2 points - Any correct prediction when the player is a substitute
    +10 points - Goalscorers correct for all Wycombe goals in match
    Correct prediction of a player to score 2 goals - Double points total for match
    Correct prediction of a player to score a hatrick - Triple points for that match

    Realism Rule - probably never to be invoked

    If you predict Wycombe to score 4 or more goals:

    Score reduced by a number of points equal to the number of goalscorers you name minus the number of actual goals Wycombe score.

    Example: If you predict Wycombe to lose to Coventry at home 5 - 6 with our five scored by say Kashket 2, Jacobson, Ikpeazu, Gape and we actually lose 0 -3, your Goalscorer prediction for the match will be minus 5.
    If the actual score is 1 - 3 and you have our goalscorer amongst your predictions - then your match points for the Goalscorer competition would be zero unless our goalscorer is scoring his first league goal of the season / was a substitute / is not a forward.

    Teamsheet Rule

    Any predictions for the Goalscorer competition after 1 hour before kick off won’t count - same rule as for the Attendance Prediction competition.

    Good luck. I hope it will be fun

  • I've done both...though I cannot be bothered to read through the rules...largely because I'm pretty sure it will be immaterial to where I end up in the final listings!
    Thanks for organising this @DevC and @railwaysteve

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