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“The next step in the clubs onward journey has been made”

5 minutes ago that tweet came from the official Wycombe Wanderers account with more news to follow, what are we thinking... New kit? New players? The start of the B team?


  • aaaaand the news is in; Sam Grace has been appointed Head Coach of our brand new B team.

  • A link to the official club announcement would be useful. Wish I knew how to do it but I don’t, I’m afraid.

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  • Very helpful. Thanks @niebieski.

  • This could be an excellent signing for the medium/long term, another Wycombe boomerang, ifollow interview talks about 6 players 18-20yo to train alongside the 1st team

  • I think it was the guy on the left who lined up Jordon Ibe and several other youngsters about 8 years ago to introduce themselves individually to each and every one of us (a group of OWWSA officials and members) at the training ground. I think his surname was Ritchie but I don’t think he was Guy!

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  • Is that Dave George on the left? Tremendous coach who brought on many young talents. We closed our academy in 2012...long time ago.

  • The importance of this can’t be underestimated. To have a small crop of younger players already ‘Wycombeised’ in the background to step up when needed is something we’ve really been missing.

    If it is only 6 players then I’m not sure how many ‘B’ games they’ll really play with the need for six first teamers needed to make up the numbers.

  • Maybe they'll be in a local six a side league.

    A major step forward and a great time to start as so many youngsters are released and struggling to take the next step as clubs cope with salary caps.

  • A smaller crop to start with makes sense. Otherwise it'll take a very quick recruitment drive!
    Not to mention the cost of suddenly bringing in say 15 players. Even as kids they'll still need a fairly decent living wage.

  • Why can't the club take on a few trialists from time to time to boost the numbers, and/or the odd premier league youth player on loan.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Why can't the club take on a few trialists from time to time to boost the numbers, and/or the odd premier league youth player on loan.

    They do.

  • Our club never fail to amaze with how many special touches there are going on.

    No wonder players repeatedly return and race about the place.

  • Our management team remind me of a certain Brian Clough and Peter Taylor in regards that they both seem to work to there strengths. The artical by Dobbo today typifies this.

  • Awesome and yet again demonstrates what a deep thinker Dobbo is and how innovative we are as a aclub

  • Have this wonderful mental image @Malone of numerous returnees dashing around in all directions in their excitement to be back 😉

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  • Whoops. Lots of racing potentially, but even more raving. Ahem.

  • I'm getting a bit excited now, and getting very twitchy for some new signings... first team or B team !

  • That's a really interesting article @StrongestTeam, thanks. This bit leaped out at me...

    “Then the psychologist would work alongside the coaches within the training program. So, for example, if they’re working on finishing, you’d have a coach there that was helping the player with his technique.

    “But if the player missed, the psychologist would be stood there, talking to him about his mindset, how he refocuses once he’s missed, how he feels after that, just trying to stop the disappointment of missing a shot or whatever it might be.”

    ...just because I played FIFA for the first time in ages the other day, and there was endless cutaway shots of the manager and players chucking hissy fits when they missed, even though the team was 6-0 up. It made me think about how our players react to a miss, and I'm pretty sure they just gee each other up for another go.

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