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Pete Couhig takes play off trophy to shielding 97 year old fan

A real touch of class.

A perfect example of why we love this club so much and how special a part it plays in our lives.

Hope that link works


  • Just pure incredible scenes.

  • Great stuff. Les is a wonderful guy. He and his daughter are fellow Woodlanders.
    What a characteristically thoughtful gesture on Pete Couhig’s part.

  • Love it! What a club.

  • Love this. What a fantastic gesture!

    Everything the club have done behind the scenes over the last month has really helped make it all just that extra bit special.

  • Just cements the fact that the trust chose the right guys to take on our club. The Couhig's have been a breath of fresh air. I was sceptical at first, but now they have my full trust. Great family and a great match for our club. They are a touch of class. I believe they have the best interests of our club at heart and have embraced the wwfc ethos for family and community care.

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