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Match day thread: Oxford (Play-off Final)



  • It is 2300 hrs. we WILL BE in the Championship next season. Congratulations to all the players and Staff. This is a Dream come true. 2020/21 is going to be a great season

  • Is it ok for a grown man to cry ?

  • Been supporting for over 40 years, and I just started crying at the full time whistle.... I love this club.

    Also, sorry St Martin, you might just have to move aside now for Sir Gareth

  • I can't believe it. Absolutely incredible. Feels so bizarre, I'm just so happy!

  • @CyprusSwan said:
    Is it ok for a grown man to cry ?

    Ohhh yes

  • What a night! We did what we had to do. Yet another 'better team' who knew what they were going to get failed to deal with it. Defence was awesome. We may keep richiemu and trevor happy by getting spanked every week next term (and I'm not convinced we will) but proud of my adopted team tonight. Its a fantastic achievement and i hope we can soon get Adam's park full and rocking again soon. And thanks also to all you Gasroomers this is always a fun place to pop in to. Enjoy your evening...

  • Soooo proud. Loved Bayo's post match interview - incoherent but full of pride and emotion.

  • Congratulations from Stoke City! I’ve been watching your club all throughout the playoffs and rooted for you every step of the way. Should we stay up (hopefully!) I will see you next season and look forward to what you bring to this league. Well done again and enjoy the post match p*ss up :)

  • What an incredible night. An incredible achievement. An incredible group of players

  • Side point... next season, Wycombe Wanderers will be in the same league as Aston Villa and maybe West Ham 😱 well done lads πŸ‘

  • Congratulations chair boys from a very jealous Tranmere fan, doesn't look like we'll be crossing paths again anytime soon! Top club and Gareth Ainsworth a top bloke, all the best x

  • @micra said:
    Can’t remember Jamie Mascoll’s exact words but the sentiment was along the lines of having got this far we’re not stopping now. COYB indeed.

    I think it was "... we didn't get this far to only come this far..." - or something pretty close to that; and nor did they.


  • Congrats to you all, from all at Wednesdays. We share your day like you did with us. We were all with you, Enjoy. See you next year. Xx

  • Incredible. Just can't take it in. An absolute defensive masterclass. Anthony Stewart with one of the all time great Wycombe performances, but they are all heroes.

  • Her indoors and I have stayed in Cardiff twice on away trips to Newport. Never in my dreams did I think we might be staying there to visit the Cardiff City or Liberty Stadia. Pinch me...

  • Stewart was PHENOMENAL. Also, Wycombe's last 3 goals at Wembley being from a set piece... things you love to see.

  • Did that just happen? When we were in the Isthmian League, as a boy I used to look at the 4th Division table in the Sunday paper and think, will we ever get there in my lifetime? It seemed so far away. Now look where we are. Some serious wedge will need to be spent by Rob if it's not to be a 1 year stay however. But that's for another day. For now let's just revel in what the human spirit can achieve when you believe.

  • What an INCREDIBLE evening!

    That game had EVERYTHING.

    Early goal, them scoring a fluke, under the cosh, and some really weird decisions from their players to cross rather than shoot, Allsop redemption with a couple of good saves, then an absolutely totally against the run of play pen!

    How that keeper didn't get a yellow at least I don't know - he utterly annihilated Fred!

    JJ having missed in the semi and in the 90th away at Ipswich scoring, and incredible scenes at the end.


    Time to dream of all those incredible away venues now, and guaranteeing making the FA Cup 3rd round!

    Please let the games be open to fans by the time the new season begins, it'll be cruel to miss out on those away games!

    Almost felt sorry for the Oxford manager when he was doing his interview and you could hear our boys all larking around delirious still.
    Then I remembered the Bayo red, the Oxford forums, and the Southend cruel defeat, and didn't.

  • The Oxford is v. depressed as they think Robinson will be off with several of their best players. They are a bit nervous about the owners too.

  • @TwinBrother said:
    The Oxford is v. depressed as they think Robinson will be off with several of their best players. They are a bit nervous about the owners too.

    Some of their really obnoxious posters must be utterly gutted. But tonight is all about us.

  • ah don't do yourself down PNLs:

    "Oxford United will return to Northampton and Blackpool rather than Norwich and Blackburn next season after Wycombe Wanderers squashed their dreams of a place in the Championship with a 2-1 win at Wembley."

  • @TwinBrother said:
    The Oxford is v. depressed as they think Robinson will be off with several of their best players. They are a bit nervous about the owners too.

    I would be worried if I was an Oxford fan after watching Robinson’s post match interview. I think he knows what is coming - a good number of their players will be sold, and from the way he spoke I suspect if that happens he will be off too

  • Take a bow "little" wycombe! Players, take a bow, gazza, take a bow, couhig family, take a bow.... Fellow fans...... WE ARE CHAMPIONSHIP SAY WE ARE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!
    Best day ever!!! I'm so proud my heart is bursting

  • Fantastic just doesn't seem real. So so happy 😁

  • Shitty milk.

  • @drcongo said:
    Shitty milk.

    Shitty milk indeed πŸ˜‚

  • Can you hear McAnthony sing?



  • "Ghislaine Maxwell - your boys took one hell of a beating"

  • @drcongo said:
    Can you hear McAnthony sing?



    I can't hear a fucking thing!!!

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