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  • I think tof has two ‘f’ s.
    Oh dear, Sunday silliness has set in.

  • @Thicketblue said:
    Micra, I love reading and empathising with your pedantry posts, but I have no clue to what you refer when saying, "Looking forward to a tof". Please clarify, for the hard of thinking.

    So back to you then, as you wrote it, what did you mean when writing that :wink:

  • TBF I’m fairly sure she meant a tot.

  • Whoops! He/she.

  • Anyone got a view on the face masks?

  • @micra said:
    Seeing this thread title I expected to see comments on the merchandise itself. I expected to see comments in particular on the face masks. I’ll refrain for now other than to say that at least it it is good to see that the One Can Trust (for which GA has just been appointed “ambassador”) has benefitted pretty well.

    In case anyone has not got their blue quartered face covering mask, these are still available from the Trust with profits being shared with the One Can Trust. Over £2500 raised for that charity so far and a similar amount for the Trust to help support the Football Club. (23 other designs available to choose from)

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  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Didn't @chairboyscentral post the other day that the younger fan base used the term 'Wyc'?

    Personally not a fan and getting close to where the Americanisms go from quirky to weird.

    Yep I questioned the rooted of this strange expression on the fans f’book page, only to be told by ‘da youff’ that they use it all the time! COYB’s & ‘we are the old Bucks boys’ will do for me. But then I was never in favour of us dropping North Town😉

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  • @LX1 Sick scenes. Disappointed in you.

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  • Hi Micra,
    My earlier posts taught me a lesson not to draft posts on the IPhone in poor light! Thumbs for fingers and too small a screen to proof read before sending. As I said, respect to you for your constant pedantry when standards threaten to slip.
    Thanks to others for comments on the merchandise and how we refer to it.

  • The only time before that I've heard our town being referred to as 'Wyc' was by the rugby club at Kingsmead. Using that nickname at the football must be a generational thing, personally it's like nails down the blackboard.

  • Quite honestly @Thicketblue I don’t think I’m due any respect on this occasion. In retrospect, it was a pathetic attempt at a joke cross-referring to @ChasHarps’ amusing quip about Boris and his chums. What an appropriately Wodehousian description of them.

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  • I'm almost certainly not the target demographic for the t-shirts etc., but I can definitely judge the merch efforts on this horrific mug.

    I have no idea what the FB drama is about, but if the person who is upset is an actual designer of any kind, I can imagine why they might be upset. From a design perspective, this mug has got pretty much everything wrong. It has all the hallmarks of having been put together in MS Word by someone with no design experience at all.

    Years ago I had a dark blue WWFC mug with the club badge tastefully printed on. It was nice. I can't imagine for a minute that among 5k regularish supporters we don't have a graphic designer with better taste than to use American Typewriter all around the circumference of a mug.

  • Good merch I've had over the years have been...
    The blue mug that the good Dr mentions above.
    Yellow and blue quartered vandenell baby grow, still have it btw.....(but I've grown out of it! No not really)
    WWWFC space invaders tee shirt
    Grey WWFC since 1887 t shirt.
    WWFC hoodie, although gave this to a friend in the US so no longer own.
    The WWFC gnome!

    Prices seem to be high online although on the worldwide site I might stretch for the $20 worldwide Wanderers tee shirt, in fact was thinking of buying my US nephews and nieces one each to go with the first team shirts I bought them all a few years ago. Outside of that I like the hoodie but again at 40 squiddlers it feels a bit steep and the uk tee shirt pricing is way off the mark.

  • That towel for 33 quid seems a bit much

    In general that stuff is massively overpriced. Can't see them shifting much of it

  • To be fair I stood behind a bloke with a towel round his neck on the Valley Terrace for years.

    If they could mass produce that towel then they could be onto something

  • I'd have thought most of the issues are explained by the fact that these items were put together; on short notice, in a global pandemic, for a limited audience, by investors looking to start making a return.

    I have one of the original, 'yeah i'm a wanderer,' t-shirts, and i'm sure it's quality is more indicative of what we can expect in the future.

  • @peterparrotface said:
    To be fair I stood behind a bloke with a towel round his neck on the Valley Terrace for years.

    If they could mass produce that towel then they could be onto something

    The Norman Stanley Fletcher look ?
    Never dates !!

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  • @peterparrotface "ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • to be fair the clothing prices are not that different from what other clubs charge for O'Neills products - generally give or take a couple of quid.
    Some of the other products are either a little naff and or overpriced, especially some of the china mugs and the towels.

  • I stood behind the WWFC gnome for years on the Valley Terrace

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  • edited June 2020

    On the subject of WWFC mugs...


  • What a great pome! Must have its origins in early/mid 20th Century. Not sure how you “bummock” the opposition. @Steve_Peart may be able to shed some light as Molly Peart was possibly his great grandmother and he may be familiar with the poem’s origins. I love it.

  • Not my ancestor @micra! I haven't heard of her but would like to know more.


    Very pleased to see the souvenir ‘’merch’ I’ve been hoping for is now available to order (have a programme from last home game from every football league season)!

    Wasn’t impressed with the initial offerings (but as other have said, not sure can expect a huge amount in the circumstances) but I’ve already ordered a shirt for my toddler and scarf, and also think the playoff flags are a good idea and might be popular to put up in homes, so hopefully club will be making some money.

  • That Covid better keep off now I've ordered me programme.

  • Bunting, Rosettes and Trust Badges all on sale as fundraisers for the Club (via WW Trust), all produced by same supplier that brought you the face covering masks.

    Every sale also provides a contribution to the One Can Trust local food bank - helping the local families in need.



    Badges - should be on our ebay site by tomorrow

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    Not sure how long this one has been up as I haven’t seen it before. This is the first one where I actually really like the design, and I would definitely wear this. I think it’s a little over priced but still, decent shirt nonetheless.

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