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Online Booking System

I have tried to book tickets online and nothing appears to happen after you get to the order ticket part. I believe other people have had this problem.What is the solution?


  • If you are trying to buy away tickets you need to select a collection or delivery option before clicking the "Place your order" button.

  • Page down & select how many tickets you require then click on continue. It is a case of trial & error. You have 15 mins to complete your transaction. Don't worry if time is running out as just start again. I booked 2 Oxford tickets for the " Singing Section" earlier today. I took a print out & took it to Adams Park this afternoon as Oxford do not have scanners. I have now got a ticket for me & my son. You can also pick up your ticket from Oxford on the day. I hope that this is of some help.

  • Micra my friend where are you? Should read "My son & I" Ha ha.

  • β€œFor me and my son” is β€œcorrect” English @TheChair.

  • Thanks everyone, but I still could not get through. Have now paid and collected tickets at Adams Park.

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