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Match day thread: Sunderland



  • We could of easily been out of sight at half time! Thought we showed them to much respect in the second half.... coyb

  • Have a scroll through Sunderland’s twitter mentions. It’s a lot of fun.

  • Rocky also.made an excellent early save. We could have two.more and a pen in first half. Hard to pick a motm as everyone put in a shift. Grimmer wheeler blooms jj. It was great to watch. We were far the better team and hardly any added time! If anyone thinks they deserved anything then parky has a very big job on his hands.

  • If Freeman and Aaron's learn to shoot well be laughing😁😁😁

  • If you fancy a giggle have a look at their forum, apart from about 3 or 4 of them giving us a bit of credit they have gone into complete meltdown

  • Minutes played against Sunderland last two seasons: 270 plus a lot of injury time.

    Minutes with Sunderland leading: 0

  • Wycombe long balls: 64
    Sunderland long balls: 90

  • I think the ultimate tribute is Man City playing in our tequila sunrise kit tonight.
    Quick reminder Soondloonds parachute payment last year was about 5 times our wage bill.
    Let them whine themselves to sleep, as Pompey have for 5 years. Ipswich seem to be doing ok against all the shite they are forced to play.

  • Taken it all with a pinch of salt so far, but everything about today, the attendance, the atmosphere, the performance, the result... It all feels like something truly special is happening at this club right now. Who knows where it will lead, or where it will end - but I'm not sure even the promotion season felt anything like this.

    We are actually quite good aren't we?

  • I’ve had to come off Twitter , the temptation to comment on some of the Sunderland posts is too tempting and to be avoided as the natives appear to be restless tonight!

  • Good change in formations today, from the initial 433 to a 442 at half time with Bloomfield as the 2nd striker to 451 when Pattison came on for him in the last 15 minutes. I was surprised to see Bloomfield so far forward and thought Parker would have been a better fit there but I guess Gareth wanted as many calm heads on the pitch for as long as possible.

    I thought Wheeler was tremendous - he just seems so much sharper than anyone else on the pitch, able to see where the flick-on should go seconds before anyone else. I loved Aarons' tenatiousness and his tricks. Bayo's hold-up play was on form today - fortunate because every ball was launched at him all afternoon. And Freeman looked as classy as any of the Sunderland players with their gilded careers. Sidenote: poor Luke O'Nien looked completely lost in the centre of their midfield today. Barely touched the ball as Sunderland launched it long as well. Finally, a shout out to Jack Grimmer, who was getting constantly skinned at the start and looked like the weak link but who grew in confidence and stature and was imperious for the final hour.

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    A win to saviour.

    Deserved 3 points, the back 6 were outstanding. Stewart was imperious and as stated already Allsop’s save from McGeady late on was top draw.

    They have a few problems squad wise to be honest. They play quite nicely through Wallis but after that it’s very average. No cutting edge in midfield and many ways it was like watching a poor mans Wycombe, where by they were constantly lumping it long to Wyke (a very poor version of Bayo, based on today’s performance).

    They would be better going 4-4-2 and playing McNulty with either Grigg or Wyke and it’s no surprise they are still playing league 1 football. Toothless really for a club of that stature.

    Special mention to Matt Bloomfield who ran his socks off, vintage performance. So pleased for Darius to score, great finish as well in front of the away fans. Tactics bang on from Gaz again, the experienced axis made sure we were not overawed and they all executed the game plan superbly well for 90 mins plus.

    Still can’t believe we are second, chasing Ipswich down. If we are top 2 in January I think we could start dreaming, especially if we have some Couhig investment in January window to add further quality reinforcements.


  • Absolute pleasure to be there today!

    Only had the chance to get to half a dozen matches over the last couple years, with having a one year old and now being pregnant again, and had felt a bit unlucky with my two previous games this season (Wimbledon & Gilingham).

    Ainsworth and Dobson continue to amaze me with the job they’ve done, and it’s great to see how team has evolved and improved while maintaining the fantastic team spirit that has always been at the heart of what they do.

    Really feels like something special could be happening at Adams Park!

  • Whisper it quietly, but a full Valley and a taking a 'business as usual' big club scalp in our stride had a real air of the O'Neill era about it.

    And the vegan chicken-type thing with all the trimmings was as good a meal as I've had at a ground as I can remember. The kids and I would all thoroughly enjoy a round of their food every match. Judging by the queues everywhere RH might just have a way of pulling a lot more cash out of our pockets.

    More of this please!

  • That is a big result today. Brilliant for Ainsworth. I loved the chorus of β€˜he stayed cos you’re shit’ from the terrace today.
    Brilliant team performance today - my MOM was Freeman - all his shots are goal bound when he hits them - all he has to do is get himself into more space and then he’s going to be on getting many more goals (& then we risk losing him.) Back four were solid - Grimmer is a great buy and now better than McArthy IMHO. Aaron’s was disappointing for me today - this was a big opportunity for him to impress in one of our bigger matches this season and he didn’t take it.
    Sunderland are a team with some good individuals (who are not as good as think they are mind you) but did not play as a unit. Agree re O9 looking like a lost soul in midfield today. Worldie save from Ricky to win three points at the end- made all the sweeter by the fact that the shot was from that shitbag McGuire.
    Sunderland’s support was utter utter shit today - shame on them for not selling out their allocation. Big club - hahahahahahaha.

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    Excellent win, and ticking off the "haven't beaten one of the top teams this season" doubt. And comfortably so.
    We had a few chances we could have scored from, while keeping them, with their amazingly poor beanpole striker at bay. Not that Grigg looked as amazing as a 4m man should do at this level.

    Second half was a little frustrating at times, as the ball kept breaking to Bloomfield in places it would have been superb to have Aarons in place.

    However, that's a little churlish, and a superb win, without 5 injured or suspended players, who could throw a claim to be a starter.

    O Nien certainly looked a fish out of water. He'll never be a number 10 creative sort of player.
    He's an all action midfielder, who isn't particularly refined, but worked very well for us.

  • I thought Aarons had a decent game. They only seemed to be able to stop him by kicking him. Really quick feet and will run rings around even lesser teams.

  • Pretty solid comfortable win for me. Should have been more but what a great save at the end to complete the win.

    We are so lucky to watch such a committed and talented bunch of players. They constantly overachieve and we shouldn't forget that.

    Sunderland on the other hand are cheating their fans and whoever else are paying their over the top wages. They didn't play for the new manager today. His body language gave that away. I've never ever seen such a subdued Luke O'Nien. It was quite sad to see but maybe he's now been Sunderlandised to give the bare minimum and pick up a massive wage

  • Lifted from the Sunderland fans forum, under a thread titled "How the feck are that lot second?"

    "rugby style play and shithouses throughout the side, little shame when blatantly cheating, so little quality.

    im still in shock when wefail to beat these outfits, simply drop to their level then get kicked, pulled n cheated out of a result. Utter shit."

    You love to see it.

  • edited October 2019

    Good to see that was instantly shouted down with

    Cheated out of a result? They could've scored another 3 or 4. Where was our threat?

    They also had a decent shout for a pen. By far the better team won.

  • @Brownie said:
    Lifted from the Sunderland fans forum, under a thread titled "How the feck are that lot second?"

    "rugby style play and shithouses throughout the side, little shame when blatantly cheating, so little quality.

    im still in shock when wefail to beat these outfits, simply drop to their level then get kicked, pulled n cheated out of a result. Utter shit."

    You love to see it.

    I think the saying is "that wins the Internet". Very funny end to a glorious day

  • No 'shithousery' today. Last season, I could understand the accusations, but they just weren't good enough to break us down today. We were missing key players, but we still battled out an excellent victory. The strength of our squad really came to a fore today, a tremendous effort.

  • Allsop insists on lying down on the ball after collecting very easy loose balls, and obligatory slow goal kicks, but yes, nothing for them to moan about really.

    Their frustrations are with themselves. Expectations can be a bastad to live up to.

  • This man impresses me more and more every time I see him play and speak. A true warrior - made up to see him get the goal today.

  • Easiest 3 points of the season, simple as.

  • One of the best ever interviews. "This is our house"

  • "I'm grateful for today and tomorrow I'll be grateful for something else".

    I really like and admire that.

  • Has to be the best player interview I’ve seen the player of the season so far considering what he has come back from .

  • Agreed, classy interview. Says a lot about his role in the squad. Potential captain material right there.

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