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Basingstoke 1 - 3 WWFC

Harriman appears to have started in midfield along with Bean and a trialist. Stewart and Pierre at centre back with Rowe on at half time. Ingram completes 90 mins.


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    A few rambling thoughts on a decent, comfortable victory tonight at the Camrose.

    It took a while for the team to find their feet but once they did it was pretty much one way traffic for the first half and then the same again in the second until we were 3 up and the substitutions started having the usual disruptive effect. The high tempo pressing game was very much in effect and Basingstoke were simply unable to cope with the constant pressure when in possession meaning that we saw a lot of the ball.

    It was very encouraging to see Matt Ingram back in goal for the whole 90 minutes, although rather worrying to see that his right knee was bandaged up - hopefully just a precaution as I'm sure he wouldn't be risked unless the injury was fully healed. Sadly he didn't get much of a test, which he obviously needs judging by his first failed attempt to make a routine catch of a cross in the second half - luckily Sido was on hand to save his blushes... Although to be fair he did make one decent stretching save later on and I don't think had much of a chance with their consolation goal.

    The back four looked as solid as they could given the opposition and Anthony Stewart showed he may be able to replicate Alfie's goal threat with a very well taken goal, turning his marker on the edge of the box and rifling home neatly. Stewart & Pierre seem to have a good understanding and work well together - Rowe only came on for Pierre with about 15 minutes left so couldn't really judge that pairing.

    Regarding the newbies & trialists I thought McGinn looked ok but is not necessarily the type of player that I think we need. He looks tidy on the ball and a decent enough passer but I'm not sure he'll be able to take the game by the scruff of the neck and dictate play like we need someone to. It may be that there are no other options out there, in which case I'd probably offer him a short term 3/6 month contract and then see who becomes available on the loan market in the early part of the season (Sam Saunders will hopefully be looking for somewhere to regain his fitness again soon...)

    The other trialist I believe was Jake Gray from Crystal Palace. I'm not sure what his favoured position is but he played left midfield for the 20-odd minutes he was on. Whilst it's probably unfair to judge him just on that short amount of time he didn't really offer much to make him stand out as a must have addition to the squad, especially given the performance of Ryan Sellers.

    Take a bow son... What a game he had, and what a goal! Sam Wood might be a tad worried that his place is in danger if that's what we can expect from Ryan each week. He showed great energy, decent pace and certainly knows how to cross a ball. His goal was a thumping effort from outside the box with his 'weaker' right foot and he also had a thunderous free kick with his left well saved by the keeper. And he also eased into the left back slot when JJ went off. He looks to be a real find.

    O'Nien didn't really get a chance to show what he can do as he came on quite late and then took a blow to the face which meant he was off the pitch for about 5 minutes trying to stop his nose bleeding.

    Harriman played most of the game at right midfield and also showed decent energy and pace, but isn't necessarily going to scare full backs like an out and out winger would.

    Banton came on late for Harriman and played on the right - showed a few flashes of his quick feet and had one wild shot with his weaker left foot from 20+ yards that went well wide.

    Of the rest, Holloway played the full 90 and showed glimpses of his power and sublime touch. I'm so looking forward to watching him this season.

    Max came on at half time for Hayes and played up front with Holloway. He actually didn't do too badly but he's not going to force his way into the team playing there.

    All in all an encouraging performance, albeit against a Basingstoke side who didn't really put up much of a challenge.

  • Max's 45 mins against Wealdstone were up front too. Maybe Ainsworth is trying to remodel him into a forward seeing as how he appears to be quite far down the pecking order in CM now.

  • Ryan Sellars was outstanding last night...what a signing he will turn out to be. I was mightily impressed with Harriman as well, and our back four looked magnificent, so difficult for Basingstoke to get through them. All in all a good run out and not a bad crowd either for what after all is a gash friendly.

  • does anyone know if there's anywhere i can find highlights of the game

  • no highlights, but I hear they had shit lights

  • Someone will probably put it on twitter like they did for the Wealdstone game.

  • There were two people filming the game from the top of the stand (one from each club I guess) so probably best to keep an eye out on both club websites to see if they release highlights.

  • I think McGinn might be exactly what we need. Clever passing, awareness, hardly gave the ball away, seemed to know where everyone was when in possession of the ball. I'd give him a contract based on that.

  • @Brockie said:
    I think McGinn might be exactly what we need. Clever passing, awareness, hardly gave the ball away, seemed to know where everyone was when in possession of the ball. I'd give him a contract based on that.

    Well if McGinn can possess that type of service sign him up. Players who can play and get on with the rest of the squad and can play to GA ideas so well and good. Rather a signing than a loanee. Keep a loanee spot open ofc.

  • Just googled Stephen McGinn. Interesting picture of him on Instagram last night. What a clubhouse Basingstoke must have!
    From comments on here and looking at his background and stats, he could be a very good signing.

  • Thanks micra 'the boss' is a wee hottie (check out Stephen's pool side shot) shame its a different McGinn!

  • I've been duped! How do I get to the poolside picture?

  • Sing along, now:

    "I wore my fringe like Stephen McGinn ..."

  • micra just click on his wee twitter image to blow it up to high res

  • @perfidious_albion Still a bit wee on iPhone but pleasing. Is it really not our trialist? Ah well, some you win!

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