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after last nights performance it is clear we need a couple of loan players in quickly

There is no news for Hayes being back in training anytime soon and we miss his craft upfront. Equally we look very ordinary in central midfield as we saw last night. There was nobody from central midfield looking to get beyond the strikers into the box and lets face Bloomfield and Bean are unlikely to score many. Fred seemed lost at times, Hogan flattered to deceive,so where are the goals coming from? No doubt money will be part of the issue but surely we have 2 wages being saved presently have lost Lewis, Paris and Scowen and only brought in Bean as Fred was already with us. Lets hope Gaz can work some magic and get a couple in before Saturday.


  • Agreed I think we need a striker on loan defiantly. goals are few and far between at the moment and I don't rate hogan at all anyway

  • If the club don't bring in a striker and a commanding midfiewlder like Josh was it will be play-offs at best. If We're not scoring goals how can the club expect fans to pay money to watch? With players leaving and being sold we must be able to afford a couple of loans to help our promotion push and if it doesn't happen then with our lack of goals it'll be another season in league 2 which would have wasted our goodstart.

  • Hollyway's pre match shooting practise worried me greatly. He made Steven Craig look like Alan shearer after countless wayward efforts the majority of which either nearly put a few of the fans behind the goal in hospital or sent the poor ballboys on a football egg hunt behind the stand. You could argue that the pre match drills are a completely different scenario to the actual match but then what would be the point in them if this was the case?
    I'm not knocking his effort and he looks rather tidy running at the defence with the ball at his feet but a goalscorer he is not. Even on the rare occasion when a decent cross from wide was put in I didnt see much of a challenge from him. Being starved of service for a striker is bad but a player with just a bit more instinct and conviction is required if chances on goal are going to be limited in this system that Ainsworth persists with. I counted too many times he had the chance to test the keeper but instead he turned around and passed the responsibility onto someone else. The one effort on goal from him I noticed was a sad little toepoke toward goal when a confident swing with the left foot would of tested the keeper more. A loan striker is needed with Hayes still out. A hard task to find a decent one that is available and willing but it's been done before (Hayes and revell come to mind in recent times).

  • We hear you. Hopefully those goals come like buses.

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