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Pete Couhig interview on Bean With The Shot


  • edited August 2019

    Man, that interview with Pete Couhig was exactly what I wanted to hear. Invested in Wycombe because he has confidence in the guys running the football side of things so he can let them get on with that and focus on increasing revenues on the business side of things. Imagining, from their experience in the States, that his expertise on that front is considerable, colour me optimistic. Seems a good guy too.

    Nice work on the interviews, guys. Who's producing these?

  • It's the club media team as far as I'm aware - great stuff as we've come to expect! The Fred interview in the same show is excellent entertainment as well, and David Wheeler comes across very impressively.

  • Great job by Dan, makes it interesting and fun without too much waffle. Nice one!

  • I found myself smiling a lot whilst watching that. Pete C seems a top bloke, and Fred is, well... Fred!

  • Well done Dan. Excellent interviews. A bit of everything (and no politics!)

  • Thank you Dan, very interesting and enlightening.

  • Here's a rather surreal video from Rob, quite funny in an American goofy way:

  • I laughed out loud after the initial cringe wore off!

  • You can't fault the enthusiasm. In truth it's just the kind of kick up the bum (sorry, Butt!) we've needed at Wycombe for years. Time to reassess ourselves and prepare for the ride (wherever it takes us).

  • I now have a vision of him arriving on the red eye, walking into Michael Davis office and saying β€˜right, do this then this and this and....’ bet our General Managers feet haven’t touched the ground since the β€˜can do’ mentality of the Yanks has hit Adams Park, guess we won’t see him swanning round on the half way line tomorrow with match day sponsors whilst the lines for a cup of tea get ever longer. I give him till Christmas.

  • Come on get my scarf in the bag

    What time is kick off?

  • Just seen this. Excellent stuff

    We have been crying out for operational/ business focus at the club so let's give them free reign to improve it. Very much like that they trust Gaz/Dobbo to run the football side. I'm sure most if not all of our fans would agree with that approach.

    Also picked up on him knowing squad player's first names, these guys are clearly getting stuck in and want to know their stuff. It is impressive and heartening to see and listen to.

  • Interesting to pick up on 3 clubs being involved in the Fred/McCarthy deal. Presume the 3rd was Barnsley, in relation to McCarthy's sell on fee?

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    Interesting to pick up on 3 clubs being involved in the Fred/McCarthy deal. Presume the 3rd was Barnsley, in relation to McCarthy's sell on fee?

    Must be, that’s why it wasn’t a straight swap deal.

  • And why Rob Couhig described it as complicated.

  • Rob in a prematurely posted tweet. He’d mistaken a tweet from a year ago re Fred coming on loan for a current announcement. Several of us were disappointed that it was going to be another loan. The tweet was pretty rapidly deleted!

  • I should have said that it appeared from the premature tweet that he’d be coming on loan. Thank goodness it’s a three year contract.

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