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Gaz season review video


  • I had a watch - is OK but poor production value. Just think in this day and age with cost effective price points it should be more engaging than "a locked off office shot" - hope the company did it for mates rates!

  • They could certainly do with investing in a second camera, some proper microphones and a sound technician.

  • I couldsn't hear the questions being asked so gave up.

  • It reminds me of something like "all smiles at the end" - Maybe it went for the retro 90s school media studies look ;-) Agree with comments above but in the always on age would prefer the WWFC Brand to be looked after a little more. If it cost more than a few hundred quid they've been ripped off.

  • Their website is made out of paper.

  • These guys have done some decent bits for the club over the past year and haven't asked for a single penny. So perhaps you should lay off them a bit!

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