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Any news regarding Hogan Ephraim signing or not?

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I would think there is a deadline to our offer?


  • D-Day (squad returns for pre season) is Thursday. As a betting man, today or tomorrow expect a Hogan tweet that he has decided to ply his trade overseas.

    All the best WW love Ephraim.

  • I wouldn't have thought we need him now that Banton has signed so maybe the offer already expired and we moved for Banton instead? I'd imagine he's a lot cheaper than Ephraim.

  • I hope he doesn't sign, don't rate him at all

  • And me @MBS. He did absolutely nothing last season

  • I wouldn't say that he's not without merit (his performance in the play-off semi 2nd leg was brilliant), though he's massively lightweight and not the tenacious battler that Ainsworth is generally keen to bring in. He struggled to fit in any of the roles that Ainsworth's formations require. In a team that can accommodate him, he could a class act. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be us.

  • His career has been on a downward spiral for sometime, brief moments of magic between long spells of lethargy. No thanks.

  • what a load of bollocks ! more ability than any player on our books just need to apply it.

  • You have a real gift for the English language blueh_w but not needed on this site at all. It is fair that people provide opinion and that is what discussion actually means.

    I personally agree with ChasHarps and I was one of Hogans biggest supporters after seeing him in pre-season at Chesham. However, apart from a few fleeting moments in the semis and the final, he did nothing much at all.

    He appeared to be low on energy and strength. He obviously is very skilful but application is everything.

  • I think I'd rather have Tom Elliot from Cambridge who I see is linked with Port Vale at the moment. If you can keep him fit he would be a good signing

  • I think we can do without him to be honest.

  • Surely Ephraim would said Yes by now. The lads are expected to clock in tomorrow morning, still no tweetd or details from the Hogan camp, plus Yesterday was Players pay day as of now Hogan aint on the payroll.

    I'm aware he bagged a fortune from his QPR's days, so no rush hey.

  • I am rarely negative but, to me, all the vibes seem to militate against a return for HE. Once again our friend BlueH_W seems to be out of step with the Zeitgeist. In flashes, HE could be clever and classy but, for me, there were too many flashes of Dean Morgan. It's a 'no' from me.

  • I only saw him at AP last season...unlike blueh-w I saw nothing that we would miss.

  • If only there were flashes of Dean Morgan!

  • @Chris - the flashes I had in mind were the gloved hands/arms akimbo appeals to referees and the lack of resilience when things were not going for him. I was one of the most vocal (at games) in encouraging him with the "Deano" chant but ultimately found him over-indulged and frustrating.

  • I hope Ephraim signs on for another season. we have plenty of players who will run through brick walls but he offers much needed quality. If he can stay injury free and get a run of games I am sure he would prove to be an asset.
    He has only started half a dozen games for us yet many on here are prepared to write him off.

  • I certainly am yes. I do not see him as a quality contributor. Happy to be proved wrong if he does sign though.

  • Got ability, but not the right player for our style of play.

  • Its a yes from me. He will have a proper pre-season under his belt. He has qualities that are so rare at this level. If he gets back on form we could have another player on an upward curve appreciating in value and giving us something we could not normally afford.
    I reckon he is a cocky so and so but I like that in a player. It can't all be about graft and endeavour.

  • I agree , graft and endeavour is important at this level but some skill and flair can make the difference from mid table and pushing for promotion

  • Just looking through his tweets..can't work out whether he training with Toronto in Canada. .or just on holiday.

  • I agree with the few above who are willing to give Hogan another chance. His whipped right foot deliveries with Holloway in the box could haul quite a few goals next term. Needs to look at paul Hayes; not the best physically but tries hard to do his bit for the team.

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    Looks like he's off, based on this tweet from bean:
    "not gonna lie im gonna miss your banter"

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