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Danny Rowe - This years Aaron Pierre transformational signing?

12 months ago, the club had just dodged a bullet threatening its very existence at Torquay. Things were looking fairly bleak. And then along came a young guy at a bigger club WANTING to play for WWFC instead of staying at that bigger club. It was a signing to make you sit up and think maybe things were about to change for the better. And the mood of optimism just carried on throughout the season.

After last season of course, the mood in this close season is much more upbeat anyway. But reality is it will be hard for a small club with a small budget to get anywhere near last years achievements. Signings over the summer of Thompson, Sellers, Stewart and Banton feel worthy and one or two may blossom into something exceptional but somehow unexceptional. And then along comes the wow moment. A young lad with a new contract at a championship club, who arguably had a rough deal due to the excellenece of Pierre and Mawson last season, nonetheless WANTS to play for fourth division WWFC. It really does suggest that Ainsworth and Dobson and Co are getting something seriously right behind the scenes, and that must augur well for the new season.

happy days ahead perhaps.


  • Agreed, think we all thought he went back to parent club disgruntled at lack of game time, seems that conjecture was incorrect (like so much here on Gas2!). I see Rowe as the replacement for Murphy & cover for Pierre/Stewart, there is room for him in our thin mid field, really hope he makes an impact. Good choice Danny, nice work Gaz & staff.

  • Personally I see him as first choice centre back pairing. The fact he got little game time last season was down to outstanding partnership between Pierre and Mawson. I think he has huge potential at CB and appears to complement Pierre's strengths well. He is primarily a CB who can cover at RB and DM. Play him in his best position.

    probably do still need a little more in CM and probably a pacy CF option . Plenty of time left to bring these in too, whether permanently or loan.

  • I agree. The fact that we only peered over the precipice rather than falling into it at the end of 2013-14 was,I think, due in no small part to the successful loan pairing of Pierre and Rowe as two young CBs given their head for the first time. Alfie's extraordinary season may have helped us lose sight of how effective the Pierre-Rowe combination was, at a very difficult time.

    Just as an aside, for a lad of only 19 to have been signed five times by the same manager must surely be some sort of record!

  • Before all the contract shennigans I thought Pierre and Stewart would make an excellent CB pairing for last season. I still reckon it will be with Rowe in Centre Midfield. GA has to be congratulated.

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