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What's happened to Max?

Surely he's good for a start? Last week we had nothing up front and nothing much in midfield.


  • He is injured, i don't know when he will be back though sorry.
  • Not good enough for the football league - at the moment, I'm not writing him off just yet. Has potential,
  • If I recall, we didn't seem to gel, until Holloway replaced Hogan. Then we turned the tide.
    So if your suggestion the same line up as Portsmouth I would sulk and scream, unless I am near the Chairboys faithful drummer, i'll just sulk.
  • LOL or take your panadol..
  • I asked him if he would be starting against Pompey and he didn't know yet. He didn't say he was injured.
  • I think Gazza just plays what he thinks is his best X1 every week and Max is not one of them. When we get injuries or suspensions he will get his chance again..
  • If he's not injured then I'm surprised he hasn't gone out on loan.
  • My mistake then i was under the impression He was injured, don't know where i got that from then sorry.
  • Re; If he's not injured then I'm surprised he hasn't gone out on loan.

    We have few enough players as it is without lending them to other people.
  • Fair enough, but he hasn't been involved for a while. I'd rather have him out on loan getting a bit of experience, with a recall clause in place.
  • I agree Chris. He needs playing time.
  • As long as he is doing everything right in training his introduction will be sooner rather than later.
  • strikes me as a finesse type player - not much call for them in L2
  • He needs to bulk up a bit, get stronger. He's too lightweight for L2 and reminds me a lot of Jesse Kewley Graham, who wasn't strong enough either.
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