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New signings - any idea when?

I know that it's me getting very inpatient however does anyone have an idea on what we will be announcing new signings for the upcoming season? Any gossip.on players that we are after?


  • Conor Clifford ??

    From Barnet Forum
    Connor Clifford.
    Postby cheshbee ยป 31 May 2015, 16:31

    Now I know that this is the time of rumours and who is in the know and this is NOT confirmed from any official source from Southend, but I was talking to a season ticket holder at Southend today who told me that Clifford had been offered 2 contracts, one from Bristol Rovers and the other from Wycombe. He was surprised as he assumed we would offer him a deal and he would join us. He states that this has come from a member of his close family.
    This might have something to do with why we have not heard anything however I do appreciate that most contracts expire 1st June but we all know that this never stops players talking to potential employers way before then.
    I bloody hope he is wrong,he was a good loan and IMO would fit in well with this squad.

  • Considering there's already an entire thread of gossip on new signings, which you actually started, I'm closing this one as there's no point to it.

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