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Saturday 28th January

With no game for Wycombe on Sat 28th Jan there is a stand-out game locally should anyone need their Saturday dose of football:


Beaconsfield Town v Chesham United (3pm)



  • Myself and three other Wycombe fans are off on a Tommy Tick Off to Harrogate. Just Barrow to go to be back at the 92!

  • Harrogate is fab. I ticked it off at the end of last season. You’ll love it.

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  • Out of interest what are the rules on the "92". Do you have to have visited the club at its current stadium or does it count to have visited the club at its then home stadium. eg would all 92ers have to visit Everton again once they move into their new stadium or does having visited Goodison count. Just curious?

  • You would have to visit Everton again.

    Spurs recent move by less than 100 yards would also be counted as a new ground as it's not on the original site. Dean Court also moved and rotated the pitch, again it would need to be visited.

    We also have an unwritten rule that you can't visit a ground on the same day Wycombe play, unless you manage to get to both games. Does leave opportunities at a premium, we could have gone to Barrow too tomorrow but plan to do that in the warmer months and make a weekend of it.

  • OK thanks

    You prefer to "make a weekend" of it in Barrow rather than Harrogate?????

  • The Lake District National Park is only 20 mins from Barrow, plus I have a cousin in the area.

  • Barrow away is my favourite awayday of all time. Early full English in the Castle Cafe, train up to London, big train along that spectacular North West coastline, lunch at a Chinese where they asked if we wanted chips with everything, into the Bluebird Club next to ground and immediately get insulted by the comedian on stage. A grand day out.

  • How long do you have to stay at a game to tick it off or is it once you've seen a couple of mins that's it?

    Done plenty of of double headers with everton and wycombe, next one is on the 4th Feb, Efc v arsenal at 12:30 then shoot to port vale for 3pm. Once arsenal go a couple up I'll be leaving.

  • I think I’m on 89, still to visit Barrow, Salford and Harrogate although the above post by WWFC blue means I will have to revisit Bournemouth (admittedly not the worst task).

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    Did a double header in Jan 2020 on FA Cup weekend, which could have been a treble but decided against it.

    Burnley vs Posh 1230, Preston vs Norwich 1500 (which we didn't do) and Fleetwood vs Pompey 1730.

    Really wanted to do all three but couldn't quite make it work.

    According to the rules it's 60 minutes but unless a mid-week tie over 2 hours away very rarely leave early.

    Just Sutton, Harrogate and Barrow to go. My son is up to 72, so actually going round them all again...

  • I know (of) some people who don't count a ground if they see a 0-0 there!

  • Just counted and I've done 86 out the 92 teams. Got FGR in league 1 which I'll be going soon to see big Dunc! League 2 I've got Salford, Swindon, Sutton, Harrogate and Gillingham to do.

  • I’ve just Anfield left to do of the 91.

  • Could be an expensive ticket if you're leaving after 4 or 5 minutes!

  • I was never a hardcore member of the Tickov clan (think I’ve done roughly half of available grounds), but yes, the fact that there are only 91 legit league grounds kind of blew the ambition out of me on that front.

  • The dilemma of Franchise as a 92 Club member.

    I went in 2006 for my sins on free tickets supplied by Coca Cola and did not spend a bean in the ground.

    I’ve refused to go since including Mays Playoff game. The ticketing debacle has just added to my insistence of avoiding the place.

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  • Not really a dilemma

    I'm never sure of the rules to be honest. Do we all need to re-visit Spurs and Bournemouth, for example?

  • It was only really after ticking off the Stadium of Light in November 2018 that I realised I only had a few grounds left to tick off. It gave me the impetus to finish them off, as did the Covid-19 pandemic in the middle of it.

    The 92 club doesn’t exist any more so you can really just set your own rules.

    The new Dean Court and White Hart Lane are so different to their predecessors that it’s fairly obvious tbh.

    I’ve ticked off lots of non-league grounds too. They tend to have a bit more character. Most of those left on my list are northern grounds now.

    I won’t do grounds with plastic pitches however. They’re such an abomination that what’s played on them barely resembles the sport of Association Football.

  • It looks to still exist?

    Sensible sounding rules already covered off here - have to watch a game, from inside the ground. Any other reason for being at the ground/driving past don't count.

    And if the club move ground, even a few metres/rotation, you have to do the new one to count.

  • Totally agree with you on plastic pitches, the sooner they are banned for games in which the public pay to watch the better.

    Gareths quote in the Sun today, "Half the boys can't train on a 4G pitch because it wrecks their joints".

  • I think it’s the friction from sliding on the pitch that tears the Rizlas.

  • I'd need to revisit eleven clubs to update my score. Anyway, I'm not even close to the 92 so I'll probably not bother.

  • Great game at Beaconsfield today. 5-2 win against Chesham. Worth a visit to Beaconsfield Town FC if you get a chance.

  • I went to that game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I understand the criticism of all weather pitches but they’ve come a long way since the rock hard early surfaces at QPR, Preston etc and they make a lot of sense commercially for non league clubs like Beaconsfield.

  • Harrogate Town - Wetherby Road - 91

    Attendance - 2356 with about 100 from Sutton.

    Left Flackwell Heath at 08.40 and arrived in Harrogate at 12.20 with a short break on the way up.

    Wetherby Road is a small old school ground hemmed in by a main road, housing and an ambulance station.

    Before the game we visited The Empress about 7-8 minutes walk towards the town centre. Good atmosphere in the pub due to the Leeds game on the TV. Choice of decent beer and a basic match day menu.

    At the ground you have an eclectic mix of new and old stands. We stood with the home fans behind the goal in a very shallow covered terrace. Decent view with a food/drink outlet at the back of the stand. Huge queues at half time and much worse than the Frank Adams.

    Three ex Wycombe players on show in Pattison, Angol and Eastmond. No sign of Pierre on the team sheet for Sutton.

    All Sutton in the first half and deserved the 1-0 lead. Four changes at half time for Harrogate and they were much better value in the second half but couldn’t break down Sutton.

    Would recommend a weekend away as Harrogate has plenty to offer.

    Just Holker Street now.

  • Yes agreed. I did see you there and it was a very good game. It’s a shame that Beaconsfield struggle to get fans through the gate as the club have come a very long way. Today was probably one of the bigger gates being a local derby.

    Always worth a trip to Beaconsfield Town if we haven’t got a game or you can’t make an away game.

  • The original club does still exist but is actually this one:

    i joined in 2009 but did find some of the rules a bit contradictory - eg our semi final at Villa Park ‘counted’ but not our cup win over Wimbledon at Selhurst Park.

    With Dean Court I thought they did accept visits before the rebuild, because the pitch footprints crossed over substantially.

    I've fallen back a bit now and currently missing Harrogate, Barrow, Salford & Brentford but hope to catch up one day!

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