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Tom Hamer bid

Could be nonsense.



  • That link isn’t working.

  • Looks fake as fuck - he's nothing to do with The Athletic, following/follower ratio all over the shop

  • Was that the same Tom Hamer that let Wheeler waltz past him yesterday or headed the ball perfectly to Scowen to allow him to score?

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    Could be from this as a different tweet references him, slightly absurd that anyone would pay for this guy's tweets

  • All I know is that MC Hammer performed his new hit 'U Can't Touch This' at Adams Park, during the half time interval against Barrow in 1991.

  • Can't believe they didn't release a version of the kit with the big old trousers he used to wear rather than shorts.

  • Original tweet quotes that account, so highly likely to be bollocks I reckon.

    How do you embed tweets like a pro btw?

  • Embedding doesn't seem to work on the new site but to get the link to work you have to select the text and use the link formatting option that comes up, kind of tricky on my phone as the copy and paste options sit over the top of that

  • Auto-linking (as in pasting in a link and having it clickable) should still work but I think you need to either put a space or return after pasting the link in in order to trigger the script that creates the link. Embedding is indeed broken. I might have another got at fixing that today as it's annoying.

  • We don't need a right back and won't be spending £250K on anyone. Complete bo***cks

  • Does seem one of the more curious stories in recent times.

    Especially the day after we've just demolished their poor defence.

  • Apparently he is better central than out wide and can play anywhere across the back. Fee probably a guess and there's no way it wouldn't be undisclosed if true, but doesn't look too likely, who knows.

  • If we’re paying quarter of a million for him, that smashes all the “wait for the end of the transfer window to get good players” rhetoric out of the water.

    he had a poor game yesterday and I am sure others have followed his career better than I, bit 250k for him would be awful business on that showing

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    No-one said we're waiting until the end of the window did they?

    Just talk of having to bide our time, with the qualifier that there is still xxx days left of the window?

  • I would never trust rumours put about by agents at this time of the year and I would never judge a player’s ability based on seeing him play only once.

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    Lots of it on other places. Wait to the end of the window when games have been played and players realise they aren’t in teams plans and then magically we’ll be the place they all want to come. “Trust the process”

  • Not wrong is it? No magic needed.

    If my club won't pick me I'm more likely to want to leave.

    If my player isn't in the plans and won't even be registered therefore won't play for 6 months I'd want them off the wage bill.

    Both circumstances could bring better players for lower fees and wages.

    I don't think he's ever said he won't sign anyone early if he wants them and they can afford them.

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    There’s 71 other clubs in the league that will all be doing it. We aren’t the only ones waiting for better players coming on board.

    it’s the blind belief and fallacy that because we are Wycombe we are the only place those players will want to come. And seeing as we are quite particular in the character of player that becomes available and we won’t just take anyone we may end up scrabbling around for very limited options quite quickly. That’s the “magic” comment that people think it’s a full gone conclusion it will happen. As the discussion on another thread has shown, just because it’s happened before doesn’t mean we’ll be able to do it again. Those are opinions not facts 😉

    I mean, the Bishop thing might just be dragging on because Man United are playing this game as well and waiting for a Championship club to come in for him for even “better” expirence, or then send him to Wycombe is a decent backup option.

    this waiting game works both ways and it seems people forget that.

  • It's not just that lots of our competitors if not all have a lot more money?

    Either way it's an obvious risk as it might not happen and then you have less time, or no time to sort it out. I genuinely don't think it's a preference either, it's what they feel they have to do to get value

  • Might have nothing to do with money. Might be option B is closer to home than Wycombe.

    you know, like it was a factor for a certain GK that isn’t playing for us anymore.

  • Of course, many factors involved, though location is a fairly quick thing to know.

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    Exactly my point. There are lots of factors involved which could rule out us as an option for any/some/all/none of the players that may or may not become available (of which we won’t know who they are yet) and who have to be of the right stuff to fit into our squad.

    The players that will become available will get thinned out very very quickly and I am worried about it given the critical areas we are short in.

  • So what is it that you are suggesting? Other than panic.

    I'm not sure if you don't trust the management due to anything in their record, which would be a bit odd, or if you just wish they'd made their minds up earlier , which many would agree with but can't really judge yet as we don't know who is available realistically now, and who the management hope they'll be able to get in the next few weeks.

  • I can still trust the management but think the be handled replacement of two key positions poorly, can’t I?

  • Yup.

    Although they are fairly specifically asking for trust that they are on it.

  • While at the same time they seem increasingly unsure why the GK deal hasn’t/hadn’t crossed the line yet.

  • I reckon there’s reasons. I trust the management that they’re working around the reasons. Sometimes things are outside one’s control.

  • Gareth has repeatedly said that he is happy with the squad he has but intends adding a couple more players to it. The goalkeeper situation will be sorted, we still have Forino and McCarthy to return when they’re fit and Grimmer by common consent did an excellent job in the centre of defence yesterday. How does that equate to handling the situation poorly?

  • Excuse me. Could I just butt in briefly about Tom Hamer, the subject of this thread?

    I remember Alfie Mawson’s debut at Newport as if it was yesterday. His name was mentioned on commentary (can’t remember if it was @bluntphil) more than any other name and I was intrigued. Today, I have seen a reference (I think on Twitter) to Wycombe supposedly having made a six figure bid for 22-year-old Tom Hamer who apparently can play in any back four position or as a defensive midfielder. He also has a 50 yard throw-in as we witnessed yesterday.

    I have no idea whether there is any truth in the rumour(s) and I don’t really want to see Wanderers splashing so much cash but I can also see how a 22-year-old, versatile 6’2” defender might be an extremely attractive investment.

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