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Charity Predictions Millwall (away) and Reading (home)

edited February 17 in Football

Starting the predication thread for these two games. As others have said, they come fast for us, for the players it must be more dramatic especially for Darryl Horgan who played three or four games in the international break.

So sympathy for him, and for those who predicted him to score last night He certainly deserved that goal. I recognise the pain, we all felt some of it, at the time, two minutes later and as since as it gradually became clear just how far onside he actually was.

So as a special "give ourselves a treat moment" all those who predicted Horgan to score will receive a two points bonus - just to make you feel appreciated. The 10 point bonus for getting all official Wycombe goalscorers correct will only apply to those who predicted Uche Ikpeazu to score the only Wycombe goal of the game, the one the other end doesn't count in this competition. The actual updated Goalscorers Competition table will be along shortly.

Those who want to move on now can do so by casting minds forward the short distance to Saturday and forecast who will achieve what and what the final outcome will be then and next Tuesday.



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