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The You Choose Cup - Round of 16 Match 7: Fulham v Bristol City

Only one tie has been closer than 60-40 so far (Grimsby's win over Accrington). Can Fulham make it four London teams in the last eight, or will Bristol City go through to represent the west country?

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    • Such a shame that Grimsby came up against Accy, and Bradford came up against Orient as I like all four of those clubs, and then we've got ties like this where my only good result would be a meteor strike.

    • Interesting how different people have different feelings. I cant say I have any feelings either way to Bradford, Orient or Grimsby, don't particularly like Accy chairman but have reasonable warm feelings towards both BC and Fulham, certainly warmer to Fulham than QPR despite reasonably close links between WW and QPR. Then tomorrow Blackburn v Carlisle - no feelings either way about either. We are all different I guess.

    • @DevC said:
      Interesting how different people have different feelings.

      Isn't it just. It's been a thing for quite a while I hear. I like it.

    • Disappointed to see Fulham in the quarter finals.

    • Bucks has strong links with Denis Waterman and Tastys cafe

    • Fulham take it, though it is doubtful they have a real shot at the cup, having not exactly put Bristol City to the sword.

    • Enjoyed visits to both but Bristol City wins as you can get a good cider around there.

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