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  • highly sceptical of that one, yes I know that Mr Couhig has pumped some cash in, but the idea that we're able to snatch players off the likes of Sunderland seems pretty ropey to me. Especially since Parkinson seems to be pretty unpopular there (I'm deeply sorry for our erstwhile Reading/C*l U chum) - the idea that they would get shot of one of their few genuinely liked players in January seems a little far-fetched.

    All the source article that they are quoting actually says is that O'Nien "remains well-liked by promotion-chasers Wycombe", which is hardly the same as "WWFC poised to swoop in January" or whatever clickbaitese you care to mention.

  • 'Championship club Wycombe are preparing a bid for League One Sunderland's unsettled midfielder Luke O'Nien. 'I wanted to play at a higher level...'' :smiley:

  • This although almost certainly untrue is so funny given their knobhead fans.

  • Sunderland fans will be realistic, and when a higher level team swoop in for one of their starlets, they'll know deep down they can't hold us off.

  • We should marvel in the fact that we are getting these types of made-up stories.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that Luke had 'bettered' himself (in football terms at least) by moving to a club like Sunderland 16 short months ago. To imagine stories like this back then would seem somewhat far-fetched (at least to me).

    I'd also like to think that we negotiated a decent sell-on fee when he departed so I'm more optimistic of him moving to a current Championship club in January with a healthy wedge heading back in our direction.

  • No chance. I don't think he gets in our current midfield anyway.

  • Even though we are now better placed financially, there is no way we could match the sort of wages Luke will be on at Sunderland.

  • I'm sure he's the sort of fellow who will just get on with it and not agitate for a move. If they stay on the third tier with parachute payments disappearing there will be a clear out and I would be surprised if they did not see him as one of the elements to retain.

  • Really @chairboyscentral He’d walk into mine. You’ve chanced your tune over Bloomfield.

  • He's out on contract in the summer but I believe that Sunderland have an option to extend for another year.

    I can't see him being sold in Jan for much less than £1m which obviously prices us out.

    Would love it to happen though and he would walk into our team.

  • @chairboyscentral said:
    No chance. I don't think he gets in our current midfield anyway.

    For a bloke so up to date with modern football it's curiously old fashioned to hear you talking about our "current midfield"

    It's been a squad game for years now and there is no doubt whatsoever that Luke O'Nien would massively strengthen our squad

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  • Well despite Gareth leaving we've got Luke back. When's the next game again?

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  • It is a squad game, for sure, but I don't think he'd nail down a regular place necessarily. Freeman has the potential to become a better player imo, albeit a different one.

  • I think you need to be able to play different ways and so some games Freeman will start and others he will not

    Plus, Dominic Gape is only contracted until the end of this season. There is always the chance that he might move on. As there is with Thompson I reckon.

    All hypothetical anyway, I don't think there's a change O'Nien will come back in January and I suspect that "story" is entirely made up

  • Doesn't that site have form for running stories entirely based on the nonsense conjecture of us lot on the gasroom?

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  • Good question, @drcongo - and do they actually get paid? If so, I have a poorly worded scoop about how Gape must be going to Reading because he once bought a book.

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  • I heard it was a Premier League team @Shev as the Hertfordshire Mercury wants to use the headline Watford Gape.

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  • Luke moving on would be good, sell on clause, we still need to count the pennies.

  • If we buy him, does the sell-on clause equate to a massive discount?

  • If we have a million to spend...I suspect it will go on more than one fellow.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Even though we are now better placed financially, there is no way we could match the sort of wages Luke will be on at Sunderland.

    How much do you think he's on there?

    Richie broke that all of our players are on 3k a week.

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  • Tbf, we won't have matched the wages that Wheeler and Fred were on. I think we're attractive enough a proposition for players to take a pay cut. Now I've got the idea of Luke returning to Wycombe for a shot at Championship football, which is a hilarious representation of how far Sunderland have fallen.

  • Sorry but Luke would definitely strengthen our team, no doubt

  • edited December 2019

    @drcongo said:
    If we buy him, does the sell-on clause equate to a massive discount?

    That would only be the case if we paid more than the 'undisclosed fee' that we originally sold him for. We would need to smash our transfer record for that to be a factor in this very hypothetical situation.

  • The original article does have the ever so faint whiff of clickbaity horseshit, even if it sort of makes sense in a hackneyed 'homesick southerner prodigal son in the frozen wilds of County Durham wants to return to his old club now the new club has lost its way' storyline. In almost any other sense it's fanciful in the extreme.

  • I think Clickbaity Horseshit would be a wonderful name for a West Country prog rock band.

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