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"FA Cup Proper" - Attendance - Tranmere (a) - Sat 9th Nov - 1st Round FA Cup

edited November 2019 in Football

A link to the spreadsheet:

Last season they had around 4200 for their 1st round draw with Oxford City at home and around 4,700 for their 2nd round draw at home with Southport. They won both replays and had 12,553 for their 3rd round home game against Spurs which they lost 0 - 7.

It may be difficult to predict how much enthusiasm they will have for the cup this year.

I go 4,350 with 351 from Wycombe, some hoping that it is the last time that they watch Wycombe in the 1st round of the cup for a while.

Happy predicting.

I have started the season long prediction competition thread - just thought I would mention that the club have confirmed a signed shirt for the winner.



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