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Signing Number 10

Darius Charles on a short-term deal


  • Really happy we've done this providing the terms are right. Watching his speech about losing his identity after thinking his football career was over was really tough to watch and he always looked good when he did manage to play.

  • Keen to see a forward 3 of Bayo, Parker and Charles. Surely would be the most imposing in the EFL

  • He's a great defender. We're quite stacked at CB now if they all stay fit.

  • Really pleased for him, seems like a great guy to have around the dressing room and looked quality for those few minutes last season and pre season.
    Fresh mango at the training ground now guaranteed.
    If you haven’t seen his granny shopping trolley fruit buying trips to Shepard’s Bush market on Instagram check it out!

  • @fame_46 said:
    Keen to see a forward 3 of Bayo, Parker and Charles. Surely would be the most imposing in the EFL

    Corners could be interesting

  • Not having a go at Allsop or anything, but it's interesting that we've now got fantastic competition for places all over the park, except...

  • @fame_46 said:
    Keen to see a forward 3 of Bayo, Parker and Charles. Surely would be the most imposing in the EFL

    Not sure Parker was that imposing the other night was he?

  • edited August 2019

    Wow, we've really had an injection into the budget haven't we, seemingly overnight going from talking about making no signings, to suddenly boasting the highest amount in a summer window, and having the biggest most packed quality squad in our league history!

  • @eric_plant

    It was an assessment of their physicality.

    But in regards to the other night it was his first competitive start for us. Also he was out on the left which means Gaz was probably asking him to add value in other ways.

  • In other seasons, if I'd read the Charles news, I'd have suspected Sido was out for longer than expected.

    However, hearing from the horse's mouth that he's back imminently, that gives us a heck of a cast available at centre back!

    Sido might have to do with a few games at right back in the "cup that matters" for his first games back.

  • It’s hard not to feel a bit of faith in humanity restored after watching his Instagram video and hearing the news. I can’t imagine he’ll be on any other deal then predominantly a pay as you play one. We lack a bit of experience compared to last year. Nice one Darius.

  • Yep, we’ve got a hell of a Freight Rover Trophy squad this year and could go all the way to Wem-ber-Lee. That’ll give the Couhigs the chance to demonstrate how they think we can fill a ground...

  • I love his (Darius Charles) interview on Bean With The Shot. Just such a likeable bloke, and how can we not be thrilled for him? I hope he is able to play the whole season without injury.

  • I think the word 'inspirational' is massively overused these days, but I think it fully applies to Darius. Takes guts and huge resolve to face up to stuff like that and pull yourself back up. Long may his career flourish.

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