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Bristol Rovers Manager Graham Coughlan on Wycombe

edited August 2019 in Football

Plenty of praise here, although he does drop in a "We know exactly how they're going to play"...


  • Funny how every opposition manager knows exactly how we're going to play, but how few of them are able to use that intelligence to actually set up their side to beat us.

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  • edited August 2019

    It's one of the more annoying back handed compliments, along the lines of "they're good at what they do".

    As if what "we do" is somehow less valid, or particularly different to other teams' approaches.

  • I swear if 'Wycombe Wanderers - The Musical' ever hits the West End, 'We Know How They Are Going To Play' will be the big number where the opposition managers all link arms and kick the air together.

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  • LOL! Splendid imagery, @Shev!

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  • The show's not over til the big lad upfront sings

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  • If you're reading this Pete (Couhig), there's a new revenue line to consider.😉 It could star Bayo with Gaz in the orchestra!

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  • GA and AA would be solo roles @ValleyWanderer but I get your gist.

    Graham Coughlan does backhand us quite a bit when he first starts talking Wycombe but it really reeks of lazy planning. That said we did start with a hoof towards the big man. Whisper it quietly I do wonder if that was a planned tactuc to play to other manager's preconceptions about "how Wycombe play; we know what we're going to get"

    The funny thing for me was that this one followed all that up with "you cab't do anything about it!" Let's hope not.

  • I wonder if we'll target the Bristol Rovers 'keeper. He made a right hash of a cross on his debut and flattened Blackpool's Curtis Tilt - who, while not built like the Beast, is on the tall side - to give away a penalty. Then again, flatten Bayo (I'm not sure that's ever been done) and you'll get a free-kick in your favour.

  • Bayo got knocked over in the 2nd half against Bolton. I thought at the timd it was probably a first.

    Think it might have led to the Bolton No 30 going off injured.

  • I find those from Brizzle tend to know their strengths but don't let that hold them back

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