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No comments yet about Allsop costing us 2 points. Do we need to look for an alternative.



  • He's saved us as many points, if not more, than he's cost us. He probably has had a few too many wobbles, but we're not really in a position to go picking and choosing 'keepers as we wish.

  • No. It was a fierce shot and he didn't manage to parry it enough sideways to safety. Understandable in the circumstances. Interesting you didn't point to his magnificent goal line save with his feet earlier in the game that led to the other melee.

  • think he is a brilliant shot stopper however he simply does not command his area, if he added this to his game he could play championship at minimum. blackman for me was the best that I have seen at AP for years

  • Dreadful mistake, but hey, Buffon made a similar howler midweek, so it can happen to them all.

    Just a shame it was so late on, after such a comfortable and good performance.

  • If he was that good he would be in the Championship wouldn't he. I think similar comments were made about Scot Brown too? Blackman also had Pierre in front of him, as well as being incredibly tall so made the job easier. Not saying that Alsop can't make improvements in the area, but surely he is no different to the "rough diamonds" that we pick up in the outfield, here to develop?

  • Our best run of results this season was when Allsop was out of the team. Coincidence? And his time wasting is embarrassing in the extreme - β€œinjured” after just 4 mins play today!

  • He’s average at best. Comes for nothing and makes too many mistakes. And his time wasting is abysmal - I’m embarrassed by and for him.

  • @Doob , we were able to bring in some much higher quality keepers in fairness.
    At one stage I did wonder if we were feigning Yves being injured as well, so we could keep doing it!

  • @arnos_grove said:
    He’s average at best. Comes for nothing and makes too many mistakes. And his time wasting is abysmal - I’m embarrassed by and for him.

    Clearly he is told to waste as much time as possible by the management. Allsop is only carrying on in the same vein as Brown.

  • Allsop - ok but nothing special by any means..

  • Two 2-3mins spells lying down in either half was special even by his standards.

    Although, if teams are dumb enough to touch him in the air when we're winning late on, then that's their look out.

  • He did make one good save from their set piece with his feet though

  • He's a decent keeper - not quite as good as I was expecting.
    Hopefully he's a slow burner like Brown, and we'll realise his worth more later on.

  • I've said it many times, we should get a loan keeper in every season. No reason at all to ever have a full time one.

  • Perhaps Ryan should practice his goalkeeping more than his time wasting. He made 2 howlers on crosses. I stand to be corrected but I am sure that he pretended to be injured when he missed a cross in the 1st few minutes. A number of those around me agreed with me at the time. When Ryan has time to think, that is when he tends to make errors. Players make mistakes every game but when you are a keeper it is highlighted more. Although I was livid with him at the time I think that we should give him more encouragement if he is selected on Tuesday evening.

  • Made a great save but the timing of his error for goal made it seem really bad. Looked like a shot he should hold but I wasn't in line with what could have been swerving shot in a difficult wind.

  • The problem is that strikers (forwards) and goalies are the last/first line in the team and an error/mistake is massively highlighted. A striker misses a goal and it's a stupid error, a goalie does the same and it's cataclysmic as it results in a goal against (loss/draw). We have the team we have and they have done well overall haven't they?

  • Hear hear, @ValleyWanderer. It's a team to be so proud of, no matter what happens from here on out!

  • Hes got another 2 years on his contract so dont see him going anywhere think hes been average this season but as long as he puts the Wycombe shirt on we need to get behind him.

  • As others have said, Allsop is clearly told to timewaste as much as possible. However cringeworthy it may be, today’s acting masterclass still doesn’t beat Yves’ pantomime efforts in the League Cup vs Northampton - mysteriously losing his hair tie and having to do up his laces in between pretty much every penalty in the shootout - shambles.

  • The time wasting we do is the only thing I get embarrassed about, there's no need for it, unless maybe the last few minutes... I seriously don't see how it helps as more often than not it means we are under pressure in time added on, which we have created !?

  • Spot on Holmer Blue. I to hate the time wasting antics

  • All teams do it and there will be times where we need to do it, however undignified it may be, but I hate it too and dislike the way it seems to be our default tactic (seeing us timewaste when 3-0 up against a dreadful FGR side last season was weird - and we promotly conceded). It also gives opponents like Sunderland and Plymouth an excuse as to why they drew/lost instead if having to admit they were rubbish.

  • Not a fan of the time wasting (but who Is?) and surely it also gives the opposition extra time to go and win it? Having said that every goalie we've had has been barracked. Until they leave and the next one 'isn't as good as.' I wasn't on the terrace so could not see but was he really feigning it that early?

  • He just seems to have a very low pain threshold, poor bloke

  • It’s rare for any of our outfield players to be remotely concerned when he’s β€œinjured”, because they know he never is. His antics after 4 mins yesterday took away the momentum we’d started with too.

  • edited March 2019

    I imagine that we'll continue to waste time until it hurts us more than it works. As late in the game as yesterday's equaliser was, it arguably wasn't as a result of any time-wasting; when it does work (it completely destroyed any game plan Plymouth had as they spent more time whinging and worrying about it than trying to equalise) the end seems to justify the means. I wish we didn't do it, but I totally understand why we persist with it as a tactic.

  • Looked to be in genuine distress on the early one yesterday, watching from the terrace.

  • @HCblue said:
    Looked to be in genuine distress on the early one yesterday, watching from the terrace.

    And yet was able to get up (eventually) and play the rest of the game

    And then cost us the win with an error during the time that was added on , in part, for his time wasting.

  • I know that Ryan is a master of the art of slowing the game down but he was clearly injured early on yesterday. It’s crazy to suggest that he was time wasting after only two minutes especially as we’d made such a bright start.

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