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Tomorrows meeting - who plans on being there?

How many of us are going to go along tomorrow night (snow permitting)?

Presentation plus Q&A

If you can't be there but would like a question raised, please let me know.

See some of you tomorrow


  • My question would be if the American's bid fails to achieve the 75% support, would you be prepared to pay of their current loan?

  • Obvious one...but why are you having this meeting now? Good luck everyone who goes. It's an interesting development to be sure.

  • I plan to attend.

  • I'll be there, so I can actually listen to what the chap has to say, rather than getting information second or third hand thats been spun or edited in some way.

  • I will be there, listening with interest

  • I would love to be there but am in Manchester so will rely on reports here. Hope someone can do the business.

    Ultimately it’s positive to have a choice. I don’t buy that honest mistakes have been made on the comms front. The default position at this club has always been to talk down to supporters and members - it’s a mistake that may cost the Trust their cherished deal.

  • So are you saying that the Trust board aren’t supporters or members?

  • Alan, they are probably both, which makes their actions regarding the AP charge even worse in my opinion. Are you genuinely surprised at the current feelings towards the trust on here? Try not to be "Grumpole of the Old Bailey" and answer a direct question without deflection, please.

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