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Faith and football - interview with Joe Jacobson and Scott Shulton

Hi all,

Kick It Out have interviewed Joe Jacobson and ex-Chairboy Scott Shulton about their experiences as Jewish players in the game. In his interview, Scott discusses being victim of antisemitic abuse from a former teammate during a match.

Thought this may be of interest to yourselves. The links to listen are below:


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  • Thank you for sharing.

    I found this a fascinating insight and, of course, JJ does himself and the club proud with his eloquently expressed views.

  • I’ll find my way to the interview eventually but so far I’ve only reached something titled No Such Thing as Fish. Weirdly rapid staccato speakers, each and every one of them (robots?) making this old guy feel very edgy and uncomfortable.

  • Abuse from his own teammate within a game, that's pretty dreadful stuff.

  • I was with Troy Townsend yesterday and he spoke very highly of JJ and the work he does with Kick It Out. He's a credit to us.

  • Am I right in remembering that Steve Brown was once red carded for headbutting an opposition player who racially abused him? Anyone remember who we were playing, if so?

  • I’m the corner between the Valley and the Woodlands, I remember that incident.

    Brownie walked purposely over to him and gave him a textbook Glasgow Kiss.

    It was one of those fairly rare times when the crowd applauds off the ejected player.

    Saying all of the above, a few more Brownie butts have come to mind since I started typing, so perm one from about four or five...

  • The Brownie headbutt was against Bournemouth for certain.
    What I definitely don't remember is a suggestion that it was racism. Is there any evidence of this?

    I remember people wildly conjected that the usually calm natured Dion Dublin had taken the same off Savage when headbutting him, but there was nothing in that.

  • Brownie headbutted a fair few opponents in his time!

    His one on Martin Butler at the Madejski obviously the best

  • I've just looked and the player was John Bailey - evidence here thanks to the excellent Chairboys Archive

    Good being able to look back, fans were losing patience with the bald c*nt even a month or so into his reign. They were right, worst manager we have ever had by some distance.

  • A million match reports, but not even the merest suggestion of a racist comment.
    @MindlessDrugHoover , did you have any reference for it? Or it one of those myths that builds over the years

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