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Andrew Harman bid for WWFC

This coming Wednesday (23rd) there is an open forum (open to anyone) to hear Andrew Harman’s proposal to invest in WWFC. It will take place at the Holiday Inn, Handy Cross at 7pm.

As a co-founder of the Trust when we took over the football club I’ve been keen to hear what exactly any bidders for WWFC are offering. There is a bid on the table from the 2 American guys which will be aired next Monday. However, I’d like to hear the outlines of any bid rather than be told there is one option only.

However, if the American bid fails there is the small matter of a large loan (secured against the ground I believe) to repay. Being an ex-player of WWFC I’m keen to hear what Andrew’s proposals are. I will then cast my vote on the merits of the respective bids, especially with regard to safeguarding the long-term viability of WWFC.

All are welcome and I’m sure Andrew will not be put off by some tough questioning! From what I understand several ex-players will also be attending. The meeting should be over by 8.30/8.45.



  • Satnav for the Holiday Inn: HP11 1TL

  • Has this bid been tabled with the club or is it still in the "It may become a bid" position ?

  • I don’t know but if you can make the meeting I’m sure all will be revealed.

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    Thats a shame as it would be good to have a choice of bids, otherwise there is the "bird in the hand" viewpoint to consider.

  • Will be interesting to see if any Trust Board directors attend!

  • I will certainly be there and I hope that at least one Trust director will be in attendance.

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    Is there any more info or official invite? Seems a bit odd to have a meeting called in a random hotel before speaking publicly. Very interested to hear what is said though.

  • Sounds like a bit of a mess to me. Too important to arrange at such short notice and another option which splits any vote another way.
    For me I am happy to hear from anyone willing to invest but why now?

  • I come on here for sweet escape from the ridiculous mishandling and late problems of Brexit...and what do I find..a duff deal no-one except those at the top is overly keen on and a late rush of people offering new options...

  • @StrongestTeam @Right_in_the_Middle The “random hotel” was chosen due to its proximity to the motorway as several ex-players have agreed to come too (some from a distance).

    I have no idea as the the time-line on the decision to hold a meeting this week but it’s a good question to ask Andrew Harman on the night.

    There is no official invite as such. Just turn up at the Holiday Inn & head to the “Redgrave 2” room at 7pm. I’m guessing the meeting will last about 90 minutes. EVERYONE is invited, not just Trust or Legacy Members.

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  • Thanks for posting this Andy, I for one would like to hear what Mr Harmans views are, and what he could potentially offer the club, as it seems the football club board wont tell us bugger all.

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    Is this meeting being advertised anywhere other than on this thread? Just sounds too odd at the moment but hats off to people who can make short notice meetings. Proper chaos theory

  • Sue Cook has pulled out

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  • @Wendoverman, the parallels with Brexit are indeed striking.

    I welcome this development and look forward to hearing Mr Harman's proposals. If he really is serious about investing then he deserves to be heard. I have always been uneasy that other potential investors have been prevented from revealing their proposals to members.

    The recent lack of communication by the Trust Board, over the loan, and in particular the charge on Adams Park, have led to a loss of trust by me in the Trust Board.

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  • Is this advertised anywhere else or just here?

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  • I have to agree with @Steve_Peart ,Like many i have lost complete faith in the present
    Trust board, due to the complete lack of transparency in the last 12 months.

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  • I also echo/agree with all that @Steve_Peart has said

  • I cannot make it, but I will be intererested to hear the details if anyone can post. Also if anyone can pick me up a Harman Bid Tie and Blazer badge set...

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    It's "Make Wanderers Great Again" baseball caps, @Wendoverman.

    .... oh hang on, wrong meeting...

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  • A good development in my opinion. Can never be a bad thing to have options.

  • I will be there we definitely need an alternative.

  • I will be there too to hear the plans and am very much looking forward to it.
    Happy to put a post up after with bullet points ?
    Matt Clarke

  • I share the views of @Steve_Peart and since echoed by others. The lack of communication and clarity on the details of the loan have left me disillusioned with the Board and they've done nothing since to make me rethink that position. Look forward to hearing what Andrew Harman has to say on Wednesday.

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    Ok, just to throw some water on this, according to an email to Trust members Andrew Harman's offer is still an outline proposal not a formal bid.
    So it could be good or it may come to nothing

  • As usual with social media, one person posts their interpretation of a situation and suddenly it becomes a ‘fact’ and others rush to give the rumour legs. Those who are Trust/Legacy members should check their emails tonight for an explanation of the real situation.

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  • Still well worth hearing what Harman has to say, which can then be compared to the forthcoming proposal from the Americans. As stated above, having options is a positive.

  • Agreed, but only one is on the table at moment

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Is there any more info or official invite? Seems a bit odd to have a meeting called in a random hotel before speaking publicly. Very interested to hear what is said though.

    As previously stated, it is open to all supporters, not a closed shop/legacy member/trust member/trust board etc. Your comment regarding the "random hotel", I find strange. It is close to the motorway, close to the ground & in High Wycombe. Not picking a fight here, but what would be your alternative thinking?

    @Steve_Peart makes some very valid points and maybe has hit the nail on the head. Mr Harman deserves an ear, I have been making that very point for a couple of weeks now. I'm also very concerned that the trust board, (appear on the face of it), don't want to either listen to what Andy has to say and/or are anxious that nobody else does either. This apparent negativity can & probably will add fuel to the fires of suspicion surrounding the loan and methods by which the security against AP were engineered.

    I will certainly be listening to Andy Harman and the USA bid, I will want to know what's hiding behind the "tits & shiny teeth" from across the big pond!

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  • @glasshalffull, tonight's email just underlines to me that this is not really a "fan owned" club, that Adams Park can be put at risk without reference to members.

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