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Millwall boss on Fred


  • Certainly good media management if you're looking to add a few more £££s to any offer from Wycombe to buy the player this window...

  • Think we may be inhabiting two different worlds, @Aloysius.

    In your world we are negotiating what level of transfer fee to pay for a player.

    In my world our management believe that our finances are unsustainable without investment but that investment appears to have stalled (if not died altogether). We are losing £600k per year with no obvious source of funds to bridge the gap. We are perhaps relying on a sell-on transfer fee (totally out of our control) from either Hause and/or Harris to avoid a very serious financial issue imminently (hope of an Ingram one surely faded to minimal now). Paying a transfer fee now seems hopelessly ambitious.

    We're supporters with no real influence. lets live in your world -far more fun.

    👍 👎 ( -3 )
  • We couldn't afford the sort of wages he would want, let alone any transfer fee.

    The Hause transfer is in doubt in view of a medical showing problems with a leg (ankle I think).

  • Now being reported that he will go to Villa on loan now with permanent deal in summer if injury criteria are met. If we have a sell-on, massive short term financial blow for us.

  • @DevC we definitely live in two different worlds but in this instance I was putting myself in the mindset of a manager who will almost certainly have received an inquiry from Wycombe as to the potential of signing Fred this window and is now looking to maximise the asset he has (hopefully) decided to move on. Whether he's being realistic about Wycombe paying a penny is another matter (though who knows what might happen if we sell Gape - let's not forget what happened with McCarthy after we sold O'Nien, or was that a parallel reality as well?) And also let's not forget there are other clubs out there who will have spotted Fred's potential while on loan at Wycombe - Harris talking up how fired-up Fred now is cannot hurt should a bidding war potentially materialise...

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