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Salford City



  • You haven't answered the question @Chris

  • Salford are in Limbo

  • @mooneyman why would I stop supporting Wycombe?

  • At the Trust AGM last year Mark Burrell made the passing comment that some on the Gasroom would be happy if we were in the National South, or words to that effect. I took that to be a reference to a thread on here a short time before, when some, including me, expressed the desire to keep this club Trust owned and at a level that we could afford. I thought it a useful comment because it made me ask myself what I would be happy with. Incidentally Mark gave a very upbeat financial presentation, which gave me the impression that the club’s management are very ambitious for this club, on and off the pitch. That was pleasing but I still think it hinted at considering changing our structure to achieve that.

    If we found ourselves at National South level, I would naturally be unhappy because we have had 25 very enjoyable years at Tiers 3 and 4. If we had sunk to Tier 6 because we could no longer pay our way at those levels, with our Trust owned model, then I would accept that we would need to consider whether that model is workable in the EFL. I still think it can be made to work but it is getting harder all the time, and it needs consistently good management on and off the pitch, which we currently have.

    Andy Holt thinks that non-league club owners who throw money at getting into the League, are putting clubs like his, on its Β£1.1M budget, at risk of falling out of the League. He wants a wage cap but that that is unlikely to happen. He seems to be good for Accy but owners come and go, and some are not nearly as benign as him.

  • I find some of Mr.Holt’s views a little questionable. If Gary Neville and co spend their own and Mr Lim’s money on making Salford a bigger and better club why should they be criticised? If I won a fortune on the lottery I’d be happy to gift some of it to WWFC as a way of saying thanks for the pleasure the club has given me over the years and I suspect many Wycombe fans would do the same.

  • Salford is a large city of around 233,000 so actually should have a decent standard club. Accrington is a small town of about 30,000.

  • Accrington have done brilliantly in recent years and I have the utmost respect for their management team but I do believe that Mr Holt is sometimes wide of the mark with his public utterances.

  • Interesting story but not sure what relevance it has to the Holt/Neville spat.

  • Mixed feelings on the whole Salford situation.

    On the one hand, you still need the "romance" element that some absolutely no-mark club can rise up from nowhere to the football league.
    But on the other hand, is it that romantic, if they're simply fuelled by millionaires, who can massively outspend everyone they're competing with?

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