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The Wanderer - Out tomorrow!

edited April 2018 in Football

You'll wake up tomorrow feeling tense and excited, your nerves knotting in your stomach as you make your way down Hillbottom Road towards the ground. Does triumph or disaster await on this momentous day? The adrenalin bubbles up as you near the ground - it all hinges on this moment! And there it is! The WWISC stand selling the brand new edition of The Wanderer! 56-pages packed with wit and wisdom (plus pictures, if those first two things aren't your bag). There's an interview with Marcus Bean, Dave Carroll turns agony aunt and we relive an exciting, little-known scene from The Magnificent Seven, plus there's another Mythbusters and more expert analysis from US 'Choirboys' fan Marty O. Neil.

Free to WWISC members and just 150 of your British pennies for everyone else, find us in the Righton carpark, in between the two Origin buildings, on the left of Hillbottom Road, just before the Adams Park gates. There may or may not be a dog, I don't know. Bring treats just in case.


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