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Not bad for a fat bloke who shouldn't be allowed on a football pitch.


  • Whatever happens it’s been a great season with the big man. I hope he gets to 20plus and I must buy his book. He stopped for a great picture with my mate’s daughter recently as well and signed her shirt. Genuinely nice chap and he’s got my vote.

  • Two greats seasons for us so far...a legend. Even if he does not score, he is in and around when someone else does.

  • My favourite thing about Bayo is that he always looks delighted no matter who scores. His reaction to Tyson’s winner at Luton for example.

  • He’s always been the same - have a look at you tube from his swansea days. Always part of the team dynamic. A lion amongst men, 20 plus goals, promotion and player of the year would all be fully deserved in my eyes......

  • @floyd said:
    My favourite thing about Bayo is that he always looks delighted no matter who scores. His reaction to Tyson’s winner at Luton for example.

    This is spot on. He had a few words with Kashket as well yesterday between the celebrations for his goal and kick off, no doubt to that effect. In fact, the whole team looked delighted for Scottie, so much so that I was pretty certain he was going to come out of that bundle with another 12 month lay-off!

  • Akinfenwa was a ridiculous signing and I never got what the fuss was. I thought he was just a big lump and a very poor signing. I couldn't have been more wrong....he has been fantastic for us and such a great character as well, and has incredible ball skills for such a big fella. I guess that's why I'm not a football manager!

  • @MBS not wanting to appear all Harry Hindsight but had you never seen him play?

  • I'd seen him play lots of times, seen him destroy us and be unplayable for Northampton, and yet I thought he was way past his best and not in any way the sort of player we needed

    I thought it was a dreadful signing

    I could not have been more wrong on all counts. Easily one of the best signings we have ever made, and one of the most likeable players we have ever had.

    He deserves all the accolades and praise that come his way. I'm just another in a long line of people he's proven completely wrong.

    I'm so glad we've got him

  • I see the Divisional Team of the Year, chosen by the managers is also out:

    "Goalkeeper: Lee Burge (Coventry City)
    Defender: Dan Potts (Luton Town)
    Defender: Alan Sheehan (Luton Town)
    Defender: Jordan Willis (Coventry City)
    Defender: Jack Stacey (Luton Town)
    Midfielder: Michael Bostwick (Lincoln City)
    Midfielder: Sean McConville (Accrington Stanley)
    Midfielder: Luke Berry (Luton Town)
    Striker: Adebayo Akinfenwa (Wycombe Wanderers)
    Striker: Danny Hylton (Luton Town)
    Striker: Billy Kee (Accrington Stanley)

    Manager: John Coleman (Accrington Stanley)"

    You'd have to be a bit disappointed if you were a Stanley fan, wouldn't you? I'd have thought Mark Hughes would have had a look in. Bayliss from Coventry impressed me a lot (though not his late challenges), but is possibly a bit green. And I would have thought Luke might have forced his way in there.

    Lastly, though, Stacey had an absolute stinker against us at Kenilworth Road. Can only assume that that wasn't in any way representative of his season.

  • Yup, add me to the list of those who thought Akinfenwa to be a misguided novelty signing at first - doh

  • Even those of us that thought he'd be a decent signing couldn't have dreamt he'd have the effect he has had.

    When he came I thought he'd be the best plan B you can have at this level, so worth having I'm the squad to bring on when we need a goal, probably for 1 year. To lead the line like he has for two years has been incredible.

  • It's good to see that Bayo is getting loads of recognition from all places.
    I'm certain he'll use it as a vehicle to praise his teammates with too.

  • How many of them can we afford?

  • Can anyone who is still mad enough to use Facebook elaborate on what the link in the first post is all about?

  • hang on @drcongo I'll ask Valdimir

  • The big conspiracy

  • I understand Putin has money on Luton for the title and so has a number of bots on other teams forums trying to undermine fan morale, spread discord and confusion with fake news, contradictory opinions and insults.

  • If he finished the season with his best ever goal-scoring return, player of the season, team of the season AND promotion... do we think that would push him closer to or further from retiring?

  • @drcongo. The original post was about the 03/04/2018 17:00 post about the League Two player of the season shortlist.

    The description I used of Bayo was with reference to an opinion from an opposition fan a couple of weeks ago.

    I never understood the idea that he was a novelty signing, if for no other reason than the club is not in a position to engage in such stunts. His impact has still far exceeded my expectations of him. I sincerely hope that when he does give up playing, that there is still a role for him in football.

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