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The Opposition View - Carlisle United



  • "The way that they play, they are very one dimensional."

    Yeah, winning every week is so predictable.

  • keith curle is a class A prick. we have screwed them twice in injury time in both games $sourgrapes

  • β€œOverall, second half, I don't think they really offered a threat until probably the last five minutes," said Curle”

    Wow- talk about trying to take a positive out of a loss. 10 men shouldn’t offer much of a threat against 11. And after shopping 3, the 10 men should normally be down, deflated and beaten.

    But I don’t think we have a β€œnormal”’man amongst our squad however. Sensational effort and belief from all of them.

  • You would think, given that we’re so one dimensional, that a former international defender and student of the game such as Keith Curle could easily find a way of stopping us scoring.

  • Curle only makes himself look daft with comments like that. Clearly feeling the pressure

  • Another manager like that guy at Crewe who apparently knows exactly how Wycombe are going to play but obviously has no idea how to counteract it. There is so much snobbery talked about styles of play, it’s all about winning and always will be.

  • Perhaps part of the reason why we're scoring so many goals this season, is that opposition managers think we're such a 'one dimensional' side, set their team up accordingly and then struggle when we turn out to be multi dimensional. Yes the long ball to Bayo is still an effective weapon for us, but we've got so many more strings to our bow now.

  • 2nd top scorers in league yet we are one dimensional! We have goal scorers in Paris ,Tyso
    n ,m-s ,Akinfenwa.Stats were also in our favour with 10 men.

  • Our squad is mustard currently, transfer windows are currently brilliant. GA and Dobbo just keep adding a little bit more quality in different areas.

    One dimensional - don’t think so, we had 4 different scorers yesterday. We are dangerous all over the park.

    Too be honest I hope every opposition manager keeps stating on record we are one dimensional - that means we keep winning games. Much rather be under the radar and be in second place in may unnoticed, whilst the so called big clubs are mixing it in league 2 for another season.

  • Wycombe I LOVE you! A pretty special week has put a very large grin on my face. Fan bloody tastic!!!!!!

  • Carlisle looked a decent side in the second half. They played the ball on the ground more after being extremely 'one dimensional' in the first half. No-one will ever know if the sending off affected that or if we'd have been up against it anyway.
    What let Carlisle down was their fitness. They ran out of steam after 30 mins of each half.

  • Bayo was emmense yesterday, their fan near the bottom of the thread got it spot on, unplayable. Clint Hills was clueless against him first half.
    All managers know what to expect from us but I would say only PNE could deal with Bayo by putting two defenders front and back in a sandwich move to neutralise the big man. To do that you need Championship level players and enough talent around the two defenders to make up for the inevitable man over, no league two outfit has that, so, refs permitting, Bayo creates the mayhem which lets four team mates score. As Beano said in the Phil C interview it was Bayo that pulled us through to that victory.’Blessed’ as he would say .

  • I thought we would have a hard second half so was not surprised they came at us. No doubt the sending off helped but so did JJ missing the pen!! Every manager says the same thing 'You know what you're going to get with Wycombe' as an insult, but as everyone has pointed out...Bayo has still scored 14!

  • He went pretty close to scoring yesterday too!

  • A lot of managers would have sacrificed the less mobile Bayo when down to 10 men but Ainsworth didn't and he proved him right with a dominant last 10 mins.

  • I was a bit surprised that Curle did not say β€˜well we cheated in the first game by getting a penalty that wasn’t one so we deserve to lose today’. That would have been fair wouldn’t it?

  • I did have a little snigger at Dobson running about and gesturing furiously at his watch when Carlisle were trying to run the clock down. Seeing as Scott Brown had been at it since the first half, it did seem a touch hypocritical!

  • Pretty reasonable comments (Curle excepted).

  • @arnos_grove we manage the game other people are clearly cheating ;)

  • Curle was quiet about their incessantly negative performance in the first half, which was exemplified by the passage of play where El-Abd got smashed in the forehead (and had to sport a natty headband for the rest of the afternoon) and then their other forward made sure that he left his mark on Scarr.
    Judging by their comments, I reckon they took their injury-time capitulation quite well (which certainly hurt when we did that against 11 men earlier in the season, nevermind 10).

  • Curle is an absolute douche. You wouldn't think we had any threat in a game we scored 4, including 2 with 10men!

    Without that handball, that game was only going one way, to a 3 or 4-0.
    If a one dimensional team can score 4, imagine how poor they must be

  • @Right_in_the_Middle , good point. The guy behind me wouldn't stop on about "needing pace upfront" when down to 10men, and how we needed to take Bayo off.

  • I am waiting for the day we beat a team 8-0, with 9 men, having 23 shots on goal to the opposition's 0, only for their manager to wail and whine about how unfair the result is, and how they battered us.

  • Can’t resist quipping @ReadingMarginalista that El-Abd’s bandage/headband didn’t survive after half time. He’s obviously a quick congealer!

  • That's an extraordinarily fair and balanced report from a local rag. Well written too.

  • @Wig_and_Pen said:
    That's an extraordinarily fair and balanced report from a local rag. Well written too.

    I agree. Good to see some restrained and responsible journalism for a change.

  • 312 mins without conceding a goal. And then let in 4

  • Distinctively original prose style. Virtually free from the usual clichΓ©s. Interesting to learn that the player replaced after 34 minutes (Luke Joyce) and Clint Hill (the 39 year old ex Rangers central defender subbed at half time) had been pre match doubts because of a groin problem and illness respectively. No excuse really; we had three regular back four players unavailable as well as the exciting Tafari Moore.

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