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New signing - Randell Williams

edited January 19 in Football

Just saw this one. I am a bit surprised we brought in another forward, but then, I know nothing about this kid!



  • I suppose so but we let one go so maybe it's just a balancing act.

  • edited January 19

    Coming over from Watford.

  • @M3G true - he could be terrific too.

  • It had crossed by mind with Saunders out, GA might play Kashkett in an attacking midfield role with 09 and Bloomfield. Feels like we need midfielders more than forwards at the moment.

  • We've still got Gape! Who started the season brilliantly before an injury and has never returned into a midfield role...
    And if he was fit enough for the bench against Preston which is now 2 weeks ago I'm sure he's fit now.

  • You never can be sure, Adam. This is Wycombe.

  • can play left wing back too apparently, so maybe thought of as part cover for JJ now the other lad has gone.

    Slightly surprising though, perhaps there is another injury we don't know about or one on way out (at least on loan) or maybe this guy is just too good to miss.

  • Indeed I see club twitter is now suggesting Bayo may soon be on his way.....

  • Richie better get on this one. Bayo to Chelsea? Much as I love the big man...if that is true then the world of football has indeed gone mad!! I agree about Gape, if he is fit he can be Sam Saunders. Isn't Bayo carrying an injury and CMS and Tyson (already having had one lay-off) might need a back-up. In Gareth we (some of us anyway) trust. I am still hopeful.

  • I don't think Gareth will risk Kashket until he's sure the injury can finally take a bit of L2 defender punishment.

  • @micra said:
    You never can be sure, Adam. This is Wycombe.

    Didn't that used to be graffittied above the old bus station?

  • Akinfenwa to Chelsea is the result of a Twitter meme suggesting that since Chelsea were linked with Peter Crouch they may as well sign BMO himself. He responded this morning:

    I love Bayo, but i hate all this nonsense.

  • This nonsense probably draws in more interest, than any number of promos the club runs!

  • I understand something called 'the social media' is becoming quite widespread and there are rumours it could be used to advertise goods and services, as well as spread false rumours, fake news, and cause differences of opinion between football fans.

  • Isn't this just Bayo having a joke? He didn't start it but rather than just ignoring it, he's playing along. Speaks volumes for the man that he can see the funny side of the nonsense!

  • if he scores a couple this weekend....Conte will be on the phone.

  • But would you take a loan swap Bayo for Crouch? I think i’d rather have Bayo!

  • A thrifty signing as well as, depending on his size, we can reuse Jack Williams’ number 24 jersey.

  • @bookertease the big man will fire us to promotion I am sure. Then we can start moaning about how much it's costing us to be in League One and the fact Gareth won't be able to keep us up...

  • Hows about a strike partnership of Bayo & Crouch? A variation of the classic little & large duo - large and larger!

  • @LordMandeville and thus no requirement at all for a Sam will not be missed. Tactical genius!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    bookertease the big man will fire us to promotion I am sure. Then we can start moaning about how much it's costing us to be in League One and the fact Gareth won't be able to keep us up...

    POTD in my book! Sum's it all up nicely.

  • aah, so this is the return of ruth, i get it now...

  • The mystery is finally solved.

  • Williams seems a slightly strange loan signing given the bench of five attackers and a goalkeeper against Crewe - although it is probably unusual that all of O’Nien, Gape, Bloomfield and Bean will start.

  • @Chris I suspect that the signing of Williams might be a try before you buy affair. Like a lot of players that go from non-league to Premiership they find the step up huge and rarely does it pay off. A dip down the leagues might see him progress more realistically.

    I like the rhetoric around the last couple of loan signings that they have been with the squad for a week training before they get signed. A really good approach for all parties.

  • Tafari Moore would not be out of place in midfield. When Anthony Stewart and/or Adam El-Abd returns I can see the potential for three at the back which is so fashionable now, with Moore moving forward a la Harriman a couple of seasons ago. Randell Williams could be a similar option on the left. It seems we have infinite potential flexibility.

  • Signed; straight into squad as unused sub against Crewe; disappeared.

    Does anyone have any genuine information on what the situation is with this guy?

  • A fairly curious situation.
    One that we could ignore when we at least had 7 subs, but not when unable to field the full bench two games in a row.

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