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Crowd today prediction

Four of us going instead of the usual one or two - so I predict 5002.
Looking forward to singing: "Give us a wave Gareth" and "Who are you" and hopefully "Can we play you every week"


  • It should be a big crowd today, I can't see why it wouldn't be, it certainly our biggest game of the season so far, as far as I'm concerned. My gut feeling is though, that we may be disappointed. I'll go for 4233

  • 5700 going by them selling the away end out.....

  • I'll try 4964 and I've no expectation of a positive result for us, just hope!

  • They haven't sold out the away end according to their Twitter.

    5130 my prediction.

  • Simply by how many available seats there were in the Woodlands upon buying my seat, i'll go for 5,200.

  • Pretty quiet down here at the moment. I'll go for 4321

  • 3800

  • If we get anywhere near 4500 i'll be surprised.

  • Looks a relatively healthy crowd to me. Maybe 5500?

  • I'd say 5,500, 700 or 800 away. Atmosphere was awful for first 30 minutes though.

  • 4,928 with 791 Preston fans.

  • Do I take the prize then? (predicted 4964) ;-)

  • Congrats to @ValleyWanderer - in terms of a prize I don't think that there may not be anything more than praise

  • Shame that the £10,000 prize was for getting within 35 of the reported attendance.

  • Ahh.... I didn't read the small print as always!

  • @robin said:
    4,928 with 791 Preston fans.

    Pathetic turn out from a ‘big’ Championship club, we took almost as many to Nailsworth on Monday.

  • Nailsworth is 120 miles closer.

  • @HCblue said:
    Nailsworth is 120 miles closer.

    So geographic proximity trumps club size? I would have thought there might be many more PNE supporters who live in London and SE than their attendance yesterday suggests.

  • I agree I was being a bit trite.

    Looks like they have an average home attendance of about 12.5 thousand this year. Away attendances seem less robust. They took 1900 to Barnsley and 1300 to Burton in December but fewer than 400 to Cardiff the same month and fewer than 500 to Ipswich and Norwich in November.

    I guess the geographical issue largely outweighed the pull of the cup and the surely considerable lure of High Wycombe.

  • ...and don't forget the Tommy Tickoff lure of Forest Green either, which Adams Park would not have for many PNE fans. Plus the fact that New Year's Day is perfect for doing very little other than watching football.

  • Guilty as charged @PBo

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