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  • Hopefully a wealthy Wimbledon fan will agree to pay the inevitable fine.

  • And fxxk the 'EFL'

  • Disgraceful. Though by the same token could Plymouth be fined for disparaging us on their official Twitter?

  • To be fair it was a rather petty gesture by Wimbledon, they should be able to rise above that. And if they broke a rule despite prior warning then what else could the FA do? Can you remind me what Plymouth said?

  • I would think the club had factored in a fine and thought the gesture was well worth it. I wonder what would happen if every club did the same.

  • The FA and EFL are supposed to be guardians of our game. The fact they let the abomination happen in the first place needs no further comment I guess

  • I hope if ever we play them again that the scoreboard simply reads "away".

  • @A_Worboys We'll have to get them working first...

  • Odd that one shows us with the away team in asterisks while the other does the reverse. Would love to know what's going on with that. Quite like it as a quirk.

  • For the first thirty seconds or so of the Chesterfield game, the scoreboard at the away end suggested we were playing β€˜Bayern’ before reverting to something less imaginative.

  • @glasshalffull petty gesture? Not enough imho. It is the 'efl' that should be fined

  • If you think that is a 'petty gesture'I can only assume you are new to football. Or devc windup

  • @glasshalffull is clearly an account set up purely to troll and wind people up

    They've got a bit carried away and made it too obvious

  • @HCblue, the General Manager explained at a Fans Council meeting that they never know what the scoreboard is going to do on match day, the club can't afford to repair or replace (like the Big Screen), but it was decided to leave it as it is because people like to see the time, which is still working correctly. On balance I agree with that although it does adversely affect our reputation with away fans. I'm curious to know how Bayern made its brief appearance, does it have a database of European teams? Just as long as certain other teams don't start appearing.

  • Can the club really not afford to fix the scoreboard? It's not exactly the most sophisticated piece of equipment in the world... I can understand the 'big screen' being more costly - it's a shame we couldn't team up with a company to agree to them having exclusive advertising rights on the screen in return for them sponsoring the maintenance of it. (I need to make sure I don't stray into DevC cost assumption territory here, though).

  • What’s happened to that rotten old video screen? Take it down if it doesn’t work, though I hope we get a refund of the share scheme money that was paid out to fix it.

  • FxxK Wimbledon - immature

  • @arnos_grove , we do seem to have exceptional problems keeping a screen working.

    Although was the issue not that we didn't have anyone to work it?

  • I believe a Bayern youth side played at AP recently

  • edited December 2017

    I think the board should always show the away team as Bayern. Blues 1 - Bayern 0 has a ring to it...and there's no shame in losing to Bayern. When Franchise comes we can put Colchester up.

  • Can we put TOSSERS up instead!

  • I think we've been a bit complicit in this over the years if I'm honest. We've helped create for them a legitimacy that they have not earned, nor could they ever earn.

    The website always talks it up as a "Bucks derby", and then there's the behind closed doors match and the aborted plan for a pre-season friendly

    I'd like the club to come and and issue a statement as the only true football league club in Buckinghamshire and a fellow supporter owned football club to say that we stand by AFC Wimbledon and that we pledge to refer to them only as MK in the unfortunate event of our paths ever crossing again

    Won't happen though

    never forgive, never forget

  • Anyone who says 'who cares, live and let live' should remember that we were at one point very much the preferred option to become MK Dons.

  • I'm not sure that was every really true @OxfordBlue . We might have been an option due to Beeks but history can't surely be distorted for us being' very much the preferred option'.

    For me Ainsworth's link with them is an interesting one. Also I'm not sure I like AFC Wimbledon much more than the franchise. They do seem to have a weird sense of entitlement.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle

    Lawrie Sanchez has criticised Wycombe's stay-away fans once again following the perceived 'poor' attendance for Saturday's home FA Cup against Wigan Atheltic...

    "I've got tremendous admiration for the fans that do come but where are the rest? If they don't want a professional football team there's a few towns that do" Club Chairman Ivor Beeks also joined in the debate by adding "If they don't want football here then perhaps we might have to think about something like that"

    Midweek reporter Dave Peters added that "yesterday (Monday) worried directors held a board meeting to discuss revolutionary ways of pumping money into the Club including a possible relocation to Milton Keynes, and changing the entire fabric of the club by courting a sugar daddy backer."

    An official Press Release from the Club also stated that Beeks refused to rule out such a move away from Wycombe.

    Yes, he later retracted that statement as 'flippant', but if you don't think MK Dons were sniffing around us, as the only other club in the same county, I think you're extremely naive. Especially if we had our leadership saying stuff like this publicly

    Saying that, I agree with you about the real Dons. Their fans always seem unbelievably nasty when we play them, including to to Ainsworth. Odd.

  • Take a second to digest those quotes above.

  • Very good copy and pasting @OxfordBlue . Pretty much what I said. Mentioned as an option but at no time were Wycombe 'very much the preferred option' for a team in Milton Keynes. You are distorting the facts massively.

  • Somewhat indigestible without refreshing the memory with regard to levels of attendance at the time; when disgruntlement over perceived poor attendances first manifested itself (eg before or after the epic Cup run); and what were the main sources of income at the time. Naively or not, I had always assumed that Ivor Beeks was a significant benefactor. Yet, apparently he (or at least his fellow directors) were considering courting a sugar daddy backer.

    I’m slightly puzzled by @OxfordBlue’s reference to MK Dons β€œsniffing around” as, presumably, they had not come into existence at that stage.

    Excuse the burp.

  • @micra - It can be deduced from Beeks's and Sanchez's quotes that Winkleman and his associates had approached the WWFC board at the time with their sordid proposal to steal the league place of another town's team as he couldn't be arsed to gain promotion to the Football League like WWFC had.
    The chances of Beeks and Sanchez coincidently coming up with the idea of moving WWFC to MK all by themselves are drastically smaller.

  • My recollection is that QPR were Peter Winkelmans first choice. He presented to a meeting of the QPR Loyal Supporters Association and was told afterwards that they would rather QPR die in Shepherds Bush than move to Milton Keynes, so he kept looking elsewhere.

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