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Wanderer fanzine out tomorrow!

They told me my levels of incompetence were too big to edit fanzines. They still do.

And yet, I am humbled to announce that tomorrow, the latest edition of The Wanderer fanzine will be out in paperback for you to buy for just £1.50, or £00.00 if you are a member of WWISC. Come by the WWISC stand on Hillbottom Road, in the Righton car park in between the two Origin buildings, just before the Adams Park gates. I will be there to sign copies, as will Bodger the search and rescue dog, who kindly wrote the foreword.

Later that evening, I will also be switching on the lights in my house when I get home, to which my wife will say "Turn the bloody lights off, I'm asleep...and what the **** is Sue Pollard doing here?"


  • Always look forward to getting mine in the post Jonny it's always a brilliant read.

  • Cheers Robin!

  • Another triumph @Jonny_King hopefully sales will be good. Thanks for your efforts.

  • I missed it today, @Jonny_King. Will it be on sale again next week?

  • Thanks @Wendoverman. I can't really take any credit though, I bask in the reflected glory of a fantastic team of writers. I'm like Bosley, only without the sexist connotations.

  • Fear not @HCblue! It will be on sale again for next week's game against Yeovil and if there are any left after that (there probably will be a few) then they will be available before the Leatherhead game on the 3rd.

  • I will sleep well all week now.

  • Good to make your acquaintance yesterday, Jonny. Second fiddle to Bodger and his fellow canine of course! Hope you had a good journey home.

  • @micra Great to meet you too Mike and I am happy to come second to Bodger. Hope you enjoyed the second half and reading your copy in the first!

    Also great to see @ForeverBlue for the first time in about 15 years!

  • @robin Hi mate, think Teresa has sent you an email regarding your Wanderer subscription.

  • @robin, sorry, not email - Teresa has written to you. Stand by your letterbox.

  • Why what have i done now? Don't tell me my cheque bounced or i will be distraught.

  • The Wanderer will be on sale again before tomorrow's game, £1.50 from the WWISC stand by the Origin buildings, just before you reach the AP gates. I understand Bodger the search and rescue dog will be there again, so do come over and say hi (and buy a fanzine).

  • Jonny can you let Teresa it's on it's way i'm not sure what happened maybe lost in the post.

  • @robin Yes will do mate. I'll hopefully see her today. If not I'll drop her a text.

  • Jonny 2 issues arrived this morning after sorting things out with Teresa,can you thank her for me? Cheers mate!

  • Will do mate. Hope you enjoy them!

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